WWW.Working!! Episode #01

Somewhere in Hokkaido, there was a family restaurant named Wagnaria… except that it has a different staff.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is WWW.Working!! where it’s based on a web spin-off to the main series! You have new characters like Hana Miyakoshi who has the same appearance as Mahiru Inami…

…and Daisuke Higashida who is the main character of this spin-off. Oh yeah, the reason why he’s working at Wagnaria is because his father lost his job so therefore Daisuke works as a part-timer to cover his tuition fee and other expenses.

Also introducing at the background is the restaurant manager Kenichirou Sakaki, who is currently manning the cashier. Sakaki-san may look like a decent man…

…but Kenichirou is physically weak as seen here where Hana Miyakoshi punched him in the face. Also, Sakaki is an idiot who can’t count nor write proper kanji.

Speaking of Miyakoshi, she’s actually a violent girl in sheep’s clothing. Oh and she’s not like that Hana has androphobia, Miyakoshi is just a bitch when she’s not working!

Well, I have to say that it’ll take a long time for me to get familiarized with the new cast of characters. Oh yeah, and some characters are voiced by the likes of Yuichi Nakamura and Haruka Tomatsu who previously cast in the main series.

One last thing, it’s Valentine’s Day in WWW.Working!! and it looks like Hana Miyakoshi is giving chocolate to Daisuke Higashida.

Then again, I think Higashida is having a gut feeling about Miyakoshi’s chocolate. Backing out won’t be possible at this point.

But you know what, it’s the thought that counts and Miyakoshi did a great effort on making chocolate balls. Might as well eat the chocolate than throw it away!

Unfortunately, taking a bite on Hana’s chocolate might be a bad idea after all…

…as Daisuke saw a vision of St. Valetine upon munching one chocolate ball. Yeah, it’s the most surreal experience he ever have in his life!

Well, that’s the end of Daisuke Higashida. But don’t worry though, he’s alive and Higashida will be back on the next episode!

For now, Working!! has returned even though it’s a spin-off!

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