Brave Witches Episode #01

And here it is, the spin-off to Strike Witches where a new cast of characters will be the main focus on this show starting with Hikari Karibuchi…

…who fall into the ocean as her magic is weak. But you know what, Hikari can make up for her stamina and determination!

Anyways, the reason why Hikari wants to become a Witch is because of her sister Takami, who returned to Fusou after fighting overseas.

For Hikari Karibuchi, Takami is her role model and if her sister can do it, Hikari can also become a witch too.

Gotta say, I love how Brave Witches shows some sisterly bonds on the first episode!

Also, we have some fanservice but it appears that SILVER LINK might downplay it since they’ll focus on the plot!

But you know what, it’s nice to see naked girls but it you want to see uncensored tits, buy the Blu-rays because that’s how it goes!

Still, it’s nice to see Hikari and Takami bathing together, but I’m bothered by Takami’s scar ’cause it might indicate that she’s losing her magic powers.

Now let’s move onto the next scene as the Fusou Imperial Navy is being called by its allies in Europe to send more Witches there.

Hikari Karibuchi volunteered to join, but she’ll have to compete against a top student named Mia Misumi since the Joint Armed Forces can only take one Witch. With that said, let’s hope that Karibuchi can pass Misumi on this stormy course!

Then again, the weather is already worse that Mia didn’t see what’s coming as she crashed into a tower.

Oh, and she took Karibuchi with her! Honestly, the Imperial Navy should have re-schedule the examination date but Fusou’s allies can’t wait for that.

But let’s go back to Mia Misumi as she’s stuck at a rock and a stormy sea that’s pushing her away.

Yeah, that’s a bad situation right here and it could be worse if Misumi couldn’t swim!

Fortunately, help is on its way as Hikari Karibuchi used her magic to rescue Mia Misumi!

Even though there a chance that she might fail, it’s better than doing nothing.

And surprisingly, Hikari pulled it off as she rescued Mia from being drowned. Still, it’s sucks that they failed the exam as it was cancelled due to bad weather!

However, there’s some good news as Hikari received a letter from Fusou’s Imperial Navy. What could this news be perhaps?

Well, it turns out that they’re impressed on Hikari Karibuchi’s ability when she rescued Mia Misumi, therefore she’s be assigned to a Joint Fighter Wing in Europe.

In short, Hikari will live her dreams as a Witch together with her sister Takami!

Gotta say, it’s nice to end this first episode of Brave Witches with Hikari going to Europe!

Of course, she has a long way to go as her magic ability isn’t perfect. Also, there’s a new Neuroi looming around in Europe so tune in next week for Episode 2!

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