Sound! Euphonium 2 Episode #01

Hello everyone, I’ll welcome you back to Sound! Euphonium where the Concert Band Club of Kitauji High School has reached the Kansai regional competition.

While there’s still time for them to celebrate, they need to focus on winning the next competition in order to place Kitauji in the nationals.

By the way, Natsuki Nakagawa is here to celebrate Kitauji’s victory with a little performance…

…together with her fellow club members who weren’t selected. Well, Natsuki-sempai and her mates can still play their instruments very well even though they got eclipsed by first-year students like Kumiko Oumae and Reina Kousaka.

Speaking of first-year students, Hazuki Katou is getting better playing the tuba. Maybe someday, she’ll get selected in the future, but not right now as the concert band club is preparing for the upcoming competition!

In any case, that was a nice performance by the reserve members. Those regulars got motivated upon hearing them play their instruments better than before!

Meanwhile, Noboru Taki introduces another instructor who is a professional percussionist.

This is Masahiro Hashimoto and he’s also an alumnus at Kitauji High School together with Taki-sensei, although his personality is a bit more care-free which it reminds me of Asuka Tanaka.

Still, Hashimoto-san is another great addition to the concert band club!

Also, it seems that the concert band club will have another member joining in. Well actually, she’s one of the people who left the club last year after some disagreements among club members.

This is Nozomi Kasaki who is a flutist, and she’s here to talk Asuka-sempai about something important…

…like re-joining the concert band club. Heck, even Natsuki-sempai joined to convince Asuka Tanaka about her plea to join the club.

Unfortunately, it’s not Asuka’s call to let Nozomi in the concert band club. Also, letting her join when Kitauji is preparing for the regionals would be bad for the club’s synergy.

As much as she’s a good flutist, putting Nozomi Kasaki as a regular would be a risky one. Hell, it’ll be her fault if Nozomi-sempai screws up!

For now, Asuka Tanaka told Nozomi not to join the club at the moment.

Lastly, let’s go to the summer festival and Reina Kousaka is looking gorgeous in her yukata!

Same goes for Kumiko Oumae as she’s wearing one too, even though it’s a bit tight on her waist.

Also, Shuuichi Tsukamoto is here at the festival but let’s face it, he’s just a friend to Kumiko Oumae.

Sorry Shuuichi-kun, but Reina-chan has taken Kumiko so you better off with your male friend somewhere!

And now, let’s end this first episode with a fireworks display as Reina Kousaka and Kumiko Oumae watched it from a distance!

Yeah, they looked so cute together and this character shipping is so strong with this one!

Anyways, I’ll see you on the next episode as they’re preparing for upcoming training camp during summer break.

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