Regalia: The Three Sacred Stars Episode #06

Here’s Episode 6 and let’s start things off with some tame fanservice. Don’t expect nudity on Regalia: The Three Sacred Stars!

On the other hand, I felt jealous that Retsu is rubbing her face onto Yui’s breasts…

Also, here’s Rena as she can’t swim and thus holding her floating ring. Well, it would be better if her younger sister can teach Rena how to swim!

Oh yeah, and here’s Sara and Tia as they make fun of Rena for her inability to swim. Oh you two…

Meanwhile, here’s Ingrid as she went back to Rimgarde together with Kei.

It’s sad that she can only remember good memories in her own country. Of course, the disappearance of Rimgarde is still a mystery!

Anyways, let’s move onto the next scene as Yui and her friends have arrived at the Republic of Afmaraldo, where President Karim Al Talaqy is asking the Empress to meet a certain person within the cave.

Let’s hope that it’s not a trap as most people wanted to get their hands on Rena.

Fortunately, it wasn’t a trap as Rena and Yui are greeted by this Regalia named Lowe, who is actually a man.

And this is Ryu, Lowe’s partner who is the cave guardian that houses various Regalia, waiting for their demise as their bodies are petrified. Anyways, the reason why Ryu invited them is because she wants to tell about Erinius, which turned out to be the god of revenge instead of Magna Alecto’s weapon. Sorry for the mistake from last week’s episode.

Now then, Ryu told Yui and her friends that those who are bound by Regalia can unleash the power of gods. Erinius is no exception as its power was bestowed by three people to seal a formidable foe that’s analogous to the Yamata no Orochi: Ruks Ex Machina.

Come to think of it, Rena has Erinius’ powers which Yui can wield it. If that’s the case, both Tia and Kei has that kind of power as well.

Anyways, I’ll end this week’s episode with the arrival of a Regalia Gear as it arrived to challenge Yui and Rena, as well as Sara and Tia.

Oh, and Johann is piloting it because he wants to destroy something out of boredom. What a bastard he is!

One more thing, I have a gut feeling that Johann is planning to resurrect Ruks Ex Machina. Still, next episode will have a battle at Rimgarde.

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