Lostorage Incited WIXOSS Episode #01

Hello everyone, it’s nice to see WIXOSS returned as a new spin-off! With that said, this is the story about two childhood friends who made a promise that they’ll meet again.

Of course, there’s uncertainty on when they’ll reunite in the present…

Anyways, this is Suzuko Homura as she returned to Tokyo to meet some new friends in high school, as well as seeing her dear friend Chinatsu Morikawa.

Then again, meeting new friends isn’t easy and finding Chinatsu would be finding a needle in a haystack. For the time being, Suzuko tried a new hobby…

And that’s playing WIXOSS where Suzuko was chosen as a Selector, something that Homura couldn’t believe it.

For those who watched the Selector Infected/Spread/Destructed WIXOSS TV series, you know that it’s gonna have lots and lots of suffering!

Anyways, this is Suzuko Homura’s LRIG Ril who is named after her plushie that was given by Chinatsu. Oh and by the way, the rules have been changed as Selectors can be male or female, LRIGs possessing his/her memories, and their objective is to gather gold coins until he/she got all 5 coins.

Once that Selector got all 5 gold coins, he/she can reclaim themselves and escape the battles. However, the Selector who lost all coins will cease to exist, which is harsher than having a Selector’s wish tainted.

Gotta say, looks like the stakes are high for this spin-off and Suzuko Homura is forced to fight for her existence. Luckily, she got her first victory against a thug Selector!

With that said, it’s time for real BATTORU on the next episode. Let’s hope that Suzuko wins more battles and see her childhood friend again… unless Chinatsu becomes a Selector as well.

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