Magical Girl Raising Project Episode #02

Let’s start this second episode with the introduction of Ripple, a ninja-type magical girl who is being called a tsundere by her peers…

…especially from her partner who is actually Ripple’s senior.

This is Top Speed, the typical black witch whose broomstick Rabbit Swallow can fly in breakneck speeds.

Anyways, both Ripple and Top Speed are working together to do regular tasks and collect magical candies, as it turns out that Fav will limit the number of magical girls from 16 to 8. Hmm, I have a bad feeling about this…

Meanwhile, both La Pucelle and Snow White are working together to rescue people so they can earn magical candies.

With Snow White’s help, La Pucelle earned enough candies to get out from last place. As for Snow White, she got more candies that she earned 1st place in the weekly rankings.

Now then, let’s see which magical girl got last place shall we?

It turns out that it was Nemurin who became dead-last as she hangs out at the chat room most of the time.

While she’s earning magical candies when entering someone’s dream, it doesn’t count according to Fav.

And here’s Nemurin’s real-life identity named Nemu Sanjou, who is planning to go outside and find a job.

Of course, Fav told her that she can become a magical girl before midnight.

Thus, Nemu became Nemurin for one last time as she visited a person’s dream before the clock strikes at 12.

Once the clock reaches midnight, something happened that I’m having regrets upon watching this show…

It turns out that once a magical girl reached last place, that person will die and Nemu Sanjou was no exception. Yeah, this can’t be happening!

Anyways, it appears that the author of Magical Girl Raising Project was inspired by Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Oh and since Lerche has previously worked on the adaptation of Danganronpa, it’s no coincidence that MahoIku has some of the elements from that show as well.

In any case, looks like the number of magical girls has reduced to 15. Damn, I’m very worried on how the next episode will play out!

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