Selector Destructed WIXOSS

Ladies and gentlemen, I’ll welcome you back to WIXOSS where it was a story of how a lonely girl created a sadistic game so that it’ll torment hundreds of girls for all eternity.

Anyways, this is a compilation/alternate story of the Selector Infected/Spread WIXOSS TV series. So while I’m not gonna cover most of the events that happened on the movie, I’ll focus on some important discoveries that might get insight to how some characters existed in the first place…

…starting with this mysterious LRIG named Hanare. Whoever she is might be related to one of the characters later on.

For now, let’s focus on these two girls. Anyways, the girl on the right who’s holding the ice cream is named Sachi, but she calls herself as Tama. On the other hand, the girl on the left who is wearing a white t-shirt is none other than Ruko, but she also calls herself as Tama.

Yeah, it’s confusing to have two girls calling themselves as Tama, but the reason for that is because they can’t tell their real name due to their respective family problems, and also they just met by coincidence.

Now fast forward to the present where Ruko, who has a new family name Kominato, is now a Selector where she got a LRIG named Tama.

Come to think of it, while Tama (or Shiro) was born from Mayu’s desire to have a companion along with Yuki (or Kuro), I have a feeling that Tama inherit Sachi’s first meeting with Ruko. But hey, it’s just a theory!

Also, you might recognize this girl named Rumi. Take a guess on what she end up with?

Well, she became a LRIG under the name of Ulith who wants to bring despair to all the girls out there.

And here’s the kicker, Rumi is actually Sachi’s sister. But you know what, she’s a troublemaker that her own mother prefer Sachi over Rumi.

Lastly, here’s Sachi Togasaki who got in a coma after her botched suicide attempt.

For some reason, I think she might be the original form of Hanare as well as Rumi’s long-lost sister. Of course, I might find a confirmation at the end of this movie.

Now then, it’s time for the film’s climax as I found out that Ruko Kominato’s confrontation with Mayu is slightly better than the TV series.

As you can see, Ruko proceeds to hug Mayu and told her that she’s not alone. That’s it, no more guessing game from Mayu as it was unnecessary in my opinion!

C’mon, WIXOSS needs REAL CARD BATTORU, not a game of Old Maid! And that concludes the climatic Selector battle for this compilation/alternate story movie. Now, it’s time for the film’s epilogue…

Let’s start with Hitoe Uemura as she not only befriended both Ruko Kominato and Yuzuki Kurebayashi…

…but also met her former LRIG Midoriko or should I say Midori Ichikawa.

Like Hitoe before, Midori is yearning to have friends but it appears that her wish has finally came true.

Also, Midori Ichikawa met Hanayo Unjou who is a former LRIG to Yuzuki Kurebayashi.

By the way, I forgot about the fate of some of the LRIGs from the TV series. But hey, they got happier endings!

Speaking of happier endings, Ruko has finally met Tama after being separate for so long. It’s great to see that J.C.Staff fix this over the TV series!

I mean, Ruko is crying with joy that her long-awaited wish of meeting Tama has finally come true!

Finally, here’s Ulith who is stuck in the void forever. After tormenting various girls for fun, this is Ulith or Ruri’s punishment!

That’s until Hanare appeared where she told Ruri that she won’t be alone. Not only that, but it’s confirmed that Hanare is Sachi whose wish is to rescue her sister from the depths of despair!

And you know what, Hanare or Sachi’s wish has finally come true. Well, it appears that Ruri won’t have to torment anyone now that she’s got a companion to lean on.

With that said, that’s the end of Selector Destructed WIXOSS and while it’s not perfect as the movie is a compilation of the TV series, the added backstory and the fixed ending is a good addition that make up for its flaws.

Now that Ruko and her friends got a happy ending, it seems that Takara Tomy won’t be making WIXOSS anymore, right? Not quite as there’s a new spin-off coming your way this Fall 2016!

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  1. Very informative summary/review of the movie!

    The new spin-off/reboot has been great so far! If you haven’t watched the first episode yet, I recommend doing so!

    Good to know this show has some fans other than myself. Underrated gem of a series.

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