Shuumatsu no Izetta Episode #02

This is Germania as it conquered one town where they raze houses and murder villagers, using Blitzkrieg tactics of course!

Also, this is how Izetta saw the horrors that committed by the Germanic Reich before being captured by Berckmann and his team. After all, she’s the last White Witch in existence!

But now, the White Witch is now at the hands of Princess Ortfiné Fredericka von Eylstadt, so it appears that Germania won’t use Izetta as a weapon for world domination for the time being.

However, Izetta and Princess Finé will have to get away from Germanic fighter planes…

…using magic of course. Then again, it’s been a while since Izetta used her magic as she’s holding it back most of the time. After all, ordinary folks sees her as a messenger of the devil if Izetta used her magic.

In any case, both Izetta and Princess Finé have escaped from the Germanic Luftwaffe, however they’re a bit tired and injured during their escape.

Meanwhile, looks like the bespectacled Berckmann has survived the plane crash surprisingly enough.

Of course, he’ll continue his pursuit of the White Witch as Berckmann believes that Izetta’s magic would be vital for Germania’s world domination.

Let’s go back to Izetta and Princess Finé as they’re retreating on foot. While the White Witch could use her anti-tank rifle to fly over the forest, Izetta is too tired to use her magic.

Luckily, they found retreating Eylstadt troops for help. Both Izetta and Princess Finé are relieved that they have allies to take care of them!

For now, Izetta and Princess Finé have joined the Eylstadt forces for a massive retreat. Of course, Izetta wants to fight for Princess Finé’s sake.

In any case, I’ll see you next week and let’s hope that Princess Finé will allow her friend Izetta to battle as Eylstadt’s last bastion of hope!

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