ViVid Strike! Episode #02

This is Fuuka Reventon working as a staff at Nakajima Gym. Yeah, she’s working all right!

And here’s Fuuka doing some training with the regulars after work. Of course, getting toe-to-toe with Rinne Berlinetta won’t be easy as she has a long way to go!

Speaking of Rinne Berlinetta, her Frontier Gym is inviting the Nakajima Gym members to see her match. This includes Fuuka as she wants to see how strong her childhood friend is up close.

But before they would go to see Rinne Berlinetta fight, Nove Nakajima shows how the top-ranked fighter stack up against her opponents via match footage.

The results are devastating as Rinne has incredible striking and grappling techniques, as well as magical proficiency that it rivals Nanoha Takamachi and Fate T. Harlaown. While her loss came from Vivio Takamachi via points decision, Rinne Berlinetta is the fighter to beat!

In any case, next episode might have Fuuka Reventon getting her own intelligent device after watching Rinne’s exhibition match.

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