WWW.Working!! Episode #02

Well guys and girls, here’s the second episode where Hana Miyakoshi wants Daisuke Higashida to be her tutor for the upcoming exam.

Oh yeah, and I forgot to tell you that Higashida is a honor student while Miyakoshi is sort of an idiot, but not as stupid as Manager Sakaki.

Anyways, time for Hana-chan to hit the books and get tutored by Daisuke!

Then again, her mind can’t contain what she learned from that day. Oh well, let’s move onto some more character introductions…

…starting with Sayuri Muranushi who rarely smiles. But there’s one peculiar thing that she has.

It turns out that Sayuri can speak to ghosts, even though she claimed that there’s no such thing.

Um Muranushi, how come you still speak to wandering spirits then? It’s blowing my mind!

Meanwhile, here’s Kisaki Kondou as this character was supposed to be voiced by Risa Taneda, but she’s currently taking a rest so Nana Mizuki took over it.

Anyways, Kisaki is a chain smoker and she always taking a rest. Also, that baby girl she’s holding? That’s her daughter Hime! Just kidding, it’s another way for Kondou-san to slack-off!

Finally, here is both Yuuta Shindou and Shiho Kamakura. Oh and they’re not doing a sado-masochistic play, it’s just that Shiho is giving money to Yuuta as punishment for rejecting her when they were kids.

By the way, notice that a wad of money is strapped to a bowling ball, so dropping it towards Yuuta’s hands would be a bad idea!

Anyways, Yuuta Shindou and his family are poor and thus getting financial support from Shiho’s family. Then again, Yuuta will be forced to work off his family debt, so long as Shiho is tormenting him until Yuuta accepts her marriage proposal!

With that said, I’ll see you on the next episode as I continue introducing more characters!

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