Occultic;Nine Episode #01

From the creator of the Science Adventure Series, Chiyomaru Shikura, comes an anime series based on a light novel called Occultic;Nine. Yeah, I picked this one up a bit late!

Anyways, this is Yuuta Gamon or Gamotan who runs an occult blog called Supernatural Science Kiri Kiri Basara. He’s more of promoting his blog than finding supernatural things!

And this is Ryoka Narusawa or Ryo-tas, Yuuta’s assistant who not only has the largest boobs ever but Ryo-tas has a ray gun…

…which she use it when Gamotan is thinking something perverted. At least Yuuta wasn’t electrocuted to death or he’ll be a goner in the first episode! Poya-gun, no~!

Now then, both Yuuta and Ryoka will be joined by a certain idol named Miyuu Aikawa…

…who is actually enrolled in the same high school as both Gamon and Narusawa. Oh as for her fans, they’re pretty angry that a mere blogger like Yuuta got a hold of Miyuu.

With that said, the Kiri Kiri Basara got three members and to celebrate their inclusion of Miyuu Aikawa, they’ll do an occult hunt starting by searching for a curse shop, who is owned by Aria Kurenaino.

And this is Aria Kurenaino as she’s finishing up a curse from her latest client. However, Aria isn’t alone…

…as Aria is joined by the Devil himself, who calls himself as Kiryuu Kusakabe and only Kurenairo can communicate with this invisible Devil.

Still, speaking with Kusakabe is a bad idea. I mean, Aria might get cursed which lead to her sudden death or something worse.

But let’s go back to Aria Kurenairo as she found hair in her letter box. I have a feel that the hair belonged to her previous client, who wants to curse Kansei Hashigami to death.

Then again, it could belong to Prof. Hashigami as he’s the person that the client wants to put a deadly curse.

Meanwhile, let’s go back to Yuuta Gamon as while both Ryoka and Miyuu will visit the Kurenairo mansion by themselves, seems that Gamotan will have to visit Prof. Hashigami’s office.

Anyways, looks like Yuuta found a blood-stained knife and swing it like a swashbuckler. But you know what, that’s a bad idea and also Gamotan saw something that’ll shock him…

It’s a dead body of Kansei Hashigami, whose hair got pulled out from his head.

Ugh, not a good sight there and I have to say that what Aria saw in her letter box is actually Kansei’s hair!

Also, Gamotan froze up in fear and I have to tell you everyone that he might get arrested. That’s because he’s an idiot for holding a blood-stained knife in the first place. Those who’ve watched Boku dake ga Inai Machi would probably get an idea there.

In any case, it seems that the anime series is good so far. Of course, as much as I’m a bit distracted by Ryoka’s massive tits, I feel that Yuuta should act smart as he’ll be caught in some kind of conspiracy. Still, this could be very interesting to watch should A-1 Pictures continue to develop the story and its characters.

With that said, I’ll see you on the next episode as Gamotan will be a lot of trouble!

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