Stella no Mahou Episode #02

This is Ayame Seki, as she’s making a story for their latest doujin project, by saying it out loud as if Ayame is acting one character!

For some reason, I feel that she’s like a chuunibyou character…

Then again, it’s embarrassing that someone like Tamaki Honda would saw Ayame-sempai acting like a fool. Tama-chan, you should get out now so you won’t disturb Ayame’s story-making!

Never mind, looks like Ayame Seki don’t want anyone spilling out her secret methods of making a scenario. Don’t worry for Ayame-sempai, she’s not gonna silence Tama-chan for good as this is a Manga Time Kirara title!

Anyways, now that Tamaki Honda is in the SNS club, looks like it’s time for Tama-chan to show her artwork progress.

Then again, it appears that Tamaki’s art style is very mature and hard-boiled like. The reason for her own artstyle is because she own a lot of manly shonen manga at her house.

Well, seems that Tamaki is too embarrassed to show her stuff to the club members. Honestly, Tama-chan’s artstyle would work on seinen manga!

Therefore, Tamaki told her childhood friend Yumine Fuda to show her artwork instead.

Originally, Yumine was supposed to join the SNS club but she joined the illustration club.

Then again, I think Yumine will have to back out for a while as both Ayame Seki and Shiina Murakami are doing weird exercises.

But you know what, I think Yumine should go inside the SNS club!

Anyways, Yumine Fuda showed Tamaki’s artwork and they said that it look great, but it needs a little bit of polish.

Well, at least they didn’t flat-out reject Tamaki’s design. But it’s great to see that she’s doing a lot of effort to draw a character in her artstyle!

One last thing, you notice that Yumine Fuda is blushing for odd reasons. That’s because she’s into yaoi or boys love! Then again, I wonder if her obscene artwork is allowed in her illustration club?

In any case, things are looking good for the SNS club so far. Let’s hope that they would complete their second game in time and not doing crunch time!

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