Brave Witches Episode #02

This is Hikari Karibuchi as she’s trying her hands on this new prototype Shiden Striker Unit, which her sister Takami called it as Chidori.

Of course, Hikari is having trouble flying with the new Striker Unit, and she almost crashed into the sea if it wasn’t for Takami pulling her up to safety.

In any case, Hikari will have to sit out for the time being until she’s ready to fly. Then again, they’re at war with the Neuroi so it’s not like the enemy will wait for Hikari to fight at her fullest.

Speaking of the Neuroi, they have arrived to destroy the Fusou fleet, which they’re heading towards Orussia to meet the 502nd Joint Fighter Wing.

Of course, Takami Karibuchi won’t let the Neuroi destroy the fleet as she heads out and destroy the enemy

Takami even used her Absolute Eye to pinpoint multiple targets at once, and while she got hit as her old wound have opened up…

…Takami managed to wipe out the entire Neuroi squadron by herself. Well, looks like Takami Karibuchi still nails it!

Then again, her gas has ran out as Takami collapses in mid-air and she’s about to crash down towards the deck.

Fortunately, Hikari is there to rescue her elder sister. Despite having weak magic powers…

…Hikari gave Takami a soft landing. Well, good thing Takami is safe but it’s not over yet!

It appears that there’s enemy reinforcement as another wave of Neuroi have emerged from its nest.

Seems that their European allies, especially from Orussia, are not kidding about having a Neuroi nest in their area!

In any case, Hikari Karibuchi have stepped up into the fray and fight against the Neuroi, even though she’s inexperienced and having weak magic powers.

I’m impressed that she’s putting a brave stand against the enemy, although it won’t be long till she’s shot down!

That’s when reinforcements have arrived to destroy the Neuroi and rescue the Fusou fleet from being wiped out.

And look, it’s the 502nd Joint Fighter Wing or Brave Witches as they managed to clean up the enemy. Glad that the battle is over…

However, it was a loss for Fusou as their representative Takami Karibuchi fell into a coma. Not only that, but she used her remaining powers to close her wound and heal herself.

Damn, I knew that it was Takami’s old wound that would cause her powers to decline. Oh say it ain’t so!

For the Brave Witches, it’s bad news as they have no choice but to send Takami Karibuchi back to her own country for medical treatment.

Yeah, they expect Takami to join the 502nd Joint Fighter Wing, but there’s one eager Witch who can become her replacement…

And that’s Hikari Karibuchi as she’ll do her best to become a better Witch to everybody.

Of course, some Witches won’t take Hikari seriously due to having weak magic powers. But you know what, she can make it up with her stamina and courage!

Anyways, looks like Hikari Karibuchi is now part of the 502nd Joint Fighter Wing.

The next episode will be a tough challenge for her as she must become the best within the Brave Witches’ ranks!

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