Sound! Euphonium 2 Episode #02

Here’s Reina Kousaka as she looks so stunning in her bikini!

Even Sapphire “Midori” Kawashima and Kumiko Oumae are stunned to see their friend having a sexy figure. Oh yeah, it turns out that Reina’s swimsuit is a bit tight!

Speaking of sexy bodies, this pony-tailed girl just give the unexpected glomp to Kumiko! Yeah, she’s stunning…

But you know what’s surprising, that girl who hugged Kumiko is none other than Asuka Tanaka. Well, it’s even more unexpected!

On the other hand, looks like Kumiko met Nozomi-sempai at the pool. Well, I have to say that she looked great in her swimsuit, but let’s talk about her reasons to re-join the concert band club.

It turns out that Asuka Tanaka wanted Nozomi Kasaki to stay in the concert band club, where she and the rest of the junior members are about the leave the club due to disagreements with the 3rd year students. Of course, it happened anyway and Nozomi-sempai is regretting it.

By the way, Nozomi Kasaki was a member (and a club president) at Minami Middle School’s concert band club together with Yuko Yoshikawa and Mizore Yoroizuka, which I’ll talk about Mizore later. These three girls have made a promise to reach the nationals once they enrolled to Kitauji High School, although Nozomi have been left out once Kitauji reached the Kansai Regional Competition for this year.

Speaking of Kitauji, it’s time for the concert band club to have their three-day training camp!

By the way, Noboru Taki brought another colleague named Satomi Niiyama who will train the woodwind section. Don’t let her good looks fool you, Niiyama-sensei is stern and she’ll continue to instruct the club members to do it right much like Taki-sensei.

In any case, this is gonna be one awesome training camp now that Kitauji has three instructors for each section. On the other hand, there’s a rumor that both Noboru Taki and Satomi Niiyama are dating…

Something that Reina Kousaka won’t be happy about it. I mean, Reina has a crush on Taki-sensei and that’s why she got dead eyes of disbelief. C’mon Kousaka, you got Oumae to lean on!

Finally, this is Mizore Yoroizuka who is an oboist and one of the selected members who will perform during the regionals.

Unfortunately, Mizore-sempai told Kumiko-chan that she’s not keen on competing, yet Yoroizuka has to because she’s selected to take part in the competition. But you know what, I think Mizore hates competition is because of Nozomi Kasaki leaving the club last year.

Still, Kumiko Oumae will try to talk with Asuka Tanaka in regards to reinstating Nozomi Kasaki in the concert band club, but there’s no guarantee that Asuka-sempai will accept Kumiko’s plea since they’re busy preparing in the regionals and they can’t afford to take risks like adding a club member.

Well then, I’ll see you next week for Asuka Tanaka’s decision regarding Nozomi Kasaki…

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