Regalia: The Three Sacred Stars Episode #07

Well then, looks like Yui and Rena will have to fight against Johann while free-diving!

This includes Sara and Tia, but it appears that they’re struggling to swim while falling down towards the ground.

But you know what, it appears that the girls are at a disadvantage as Johann’s Regalia Gear is not only massive, but it’s capable of flight.

All I could say is… Johann is a cheating bastard!

Fortunately, both Yui and Rena made a landing using unconventional means. Honestly, I think Enastoria should develop Regalia-sized parachutes so that Magna Alecto won’t become scrap metal upon crashing down.

Now then, I’m worried about Sara and Tia as I’m hoping that they’re safe!

And guess what, they’ve survived the fall. Glad that both Sara and Tia are okay!

And here’s Yui and Rena as they finally meet up with Sara and Tia.

Since Johann won’t attack them for a while, it’s time for these four girls to recharge at Rimgarde.

Oh, and they’re gonna do some camping inside an abandoned mall, complete with food and a tent. For Yuinshel Asteria, it’s her first time camping with the girls. After all, the empress is always cooped-up in her castle most of the time!

Since they’re at Rimgarde, it appears that they’ll have the chance to meet both Ingrid and Kei.

And lo and behold, Kei is here and she’s escorting the girls to a secret place, something that Rimgarde kept it hidden until now!

Oh yeah, and here’s Ingrid as she tells Yui and her friends about the real reason for Rimgarde’s collapse.

It turns out that Rimgarde is searching for new kind of energy to power up the country’s electrical grid, as well as to boost the economy. However, Rimgarde’s scientists yielded no results… until a certain advisor arrived to use the newly-found energy to revive Ruks Ex Machina.

Said advisor happened to be Johann as he arrived to finish Yui off as well as her friends!

Honestly, this guy is a prick and while it’s mostly a possibility that he’s planning to revive Ruks Ex Machina at the expense of Rimgarde, I was wondering if Johann is actually a fragment of that relic?

With that said, Johann is the biggest threat to the stability of Enastoria and its surrounding countries!

Meanwhile, Kei has transformed into her Regalia where Ingrid will pilot it. I have a bad feeling about this…

Anyways, this is Xeno Megaera which is Kei’s true form. Oh yeah, and she and Ingrid are forced to fight against Yui and Rena, plus Sara and Tia because Johann said so!

In any case, looks like the Magna Alecto are at a disadvantage as Xeno Megaera is a bit stronger.

Also, Ingrid and Kei are holding both Yui and Rena…

…just for Johann to unleash his ultimate weapon at them. He’s a scumbag all right!

Well then, looks like Rimgarde got destroyed again thanks to Johann. At this point, Yui and her friends are pretty much dead!

Just kidding, it appears that Yui and Rena are alive, but now I’m worried about both Sara and Tia Kleis. Anyways, I’ll see you for next week’s episode!

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