Fune wo Amu Episode #01

Here’s a new anime series that I’ve recently add up to my blogging line-up. It was aired in Fuji TV’s noitamina block and it’s based on the best-selling novel by Shion Miura.

Anyways, let’s start with the introduction of Mitsuya Majime, who is part of Genbu Shobo’s sales department. Unfortunately, his introvert personality couldn’t sell as much, yet he’s knowledgeable in word definitions as he always bought books to read.

That’s until he met Masashi Nishioka who is part of the dictionary editorial department.

By chance, Nishioka saw how Majime can make different meanings from a single word, so therefore he talked to his editor Kouhei Araki to recruit Mitsuya Majime to the dictionary editorial department.

And this is Kouhei Araki who is about to retire soon as he want to take care of his ailing wife. Like Nishioka, Araki-san is impressed on Majime’s ability to convey different word definitions.

With that said, Kouhei Araki recruited Mitsuya Majime right away as the new editor. Of course, he must face various challenges as Majime will create Genbu Shobo’s dictionary masterpiece called “The Great Passage”.

Now then, I have to say that it’s looking so good from the first episode alone. Of course, I’m worried that Fune wo Amu might have the same disappointing results as BATTERY, so I have to be cautious on watching this series for the time being.

In any case, I’ll see you next week as Mitsuya Majime will start his life as editor of the dictionary editorial department.

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