Watashi ga Motete Dousunda Episode #02

Here’s Kae Serinuma as she’s getting popular lately like helping the volleyball team. But you know what, there’s one thing that Serinuma doesn’t have…

Well, it’s physical stamina and strength. I mean, seeing Kae-chan getting tired easily quickly proves that losing a lot of weight doesn’t make your body feel light, unless Serinuma is doing exercise beforehand.

Oh wait, she spends her time watching Mirage Sage and collecting Shion-related merchandise! Never forget Shion…

Also, Kae Serinuma is being asked to become a substitute for girls’ soccer team. Although she knows the sport via Captain Tsubasa and Inazuma Eleven…

That doesn’t mean that Serinuma is good at playing soccer. Look how she kicked the ball, only to make an upward curve which the ball hits her face!

Seriously, David Beckham will laugh on how Kae-chan bend it wrong.

Even Nozomu Nanashima will call her kick as pathetic. At this point, Serinuma should back-out as Kae isn’t fit to play.

Of course, Kae Serinuma won’t give up on something like playing soccer!

Therefore, Nanashima trains Serinuma on how to play the game properly. But you know what, let Kae-chan kick the ball so it can fly backwards towards the goal!

Well then, that takes care of Kae-chan playing a soccer game and now it’s time for summer vacation!

Then again, she flunked the exam and unless Kae-chan did well in the retakes, Serinuma will be forced to take summer lessons which will miss out Comiket, etc.

Look at Kae’s face, she’s in agony as Serinuma tries to remember every answers.

Anyways, looks like it’s time for Serinuma to get tutored by four guys… at her house and inside her bedroom.

Also, noticed that she still has Shion-related merchandise, although it appears that the boys don’t mind about Kae’s stuff since they know that Serinuma is an otaku!

Of course, there’s one person who’ll expose Kae’s darkest secrets as her older brother Takurou has barged in…

…and opened her stash of BL doujinshi that gave Kae-chan a shocking expression! Yeah, it looks bad!

Honestly, Takurou shouldn’t do that against Kae as she’s recently got attractive and showing her rotten past might put off to some.

However, it appears that someone is very annoyed at this situation…

…like Asuma Mutsumi as he doesn’t like Kae’s brother from interrupting his tutoring session.

Don’t let his smile fool you, Asuma-sempai is freaking angry at Takurou!

Well everyone, looks like Takurou got kicked out due to his annoyance. He shouldn’t show Kae’s yaoi collection in the first place!

Meanwhile, the tutoring session is finally over as Asuma Mutsumi gave Kae Serinuma a good-luck pencil. That was sweet, but I wonder if Mutsumi is hiding something behind his smile?

Anyways, looks like Kae-chan passed the exam and it’s time for summer vacation… on the next episode!

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