Magical Girl Raising Project Episode #03

Here’s another magical girl who wears nothing but her school swimwear. This is Swim Swim who has the power to turn anything into liquid, including herself.

Unfortunately, Swim Swim is a bit lost and she’s late with her meeting with Ruler and her gang.

Therefore, Swim Swim called Top Speed to carry her to Mt. Meishou, which will be the meeting place.

Now it would be better if she used her powers, but Swim Swim will get tardy at Ruler’s group session so she asked someone for help.

And by the way, this magical girl who is holding a scepter is none other than Ruler, whose abilities is to order anyone in an absolute manner.

Also, she’s bit annoyed that Swim Swim brought Top Speed, but it can’t be help then since Swim Swim is a bit late on meeting her fellow magical girls!

Meanwhile, we have a new magical girl… or rather a Magicaloid who calls herself as Number 44.

While she’ll be important later on, seems that they found some evidence regarding the true nature of the smartphone app game.

As you can see, Cranberry is speaking with Fav on what happens when a magical girl loses her license. Well according to Fav, that’ll result in death.

By the way, Cranberry the Forest Musician will be important in future episodes just like Magicaloid 44. In any case, most of the magical girls couldn’t believe what’s happening.

And speaking of Fav, it’s confirmed that those who got last-place (or even quitting the game) will result of the user losing their right to become a magical girl, and eventually their lives.

Gotta say, Fav is such a freaking bastard who’s basically the Kyubey of this show!

Well then, it appears that Magical Girl Raising Project has gone darker now that all 15 remaining girls must fight to survive until there’s 8 remaining. Then again, Fav might reduce that to 4 or even 1 magical girl per city! For Snow White and La Pucelle, their dreams of living the dream as magical girls has gone twisted because of these new rules.

Speaking of new rules, it appears that magical girls can transfer Magical Candies to one another. And you think that it’s no big deal with these new rules, right? Not until someone would think of another way like stealing Candies!

That’s where Ruler and her gang are trying to pull it against Snow White, since she has the most Magical Candies and everyone is getting jealous about her top ranking.

I have a feeling that things would get ugly on the next episode!

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