Shuumatsu no Izetta Episode #03

This is Eylstadt as Germanian troops are bombing the helpless country with no survivors!

Even this soldier named Jonas couldn’t help but seeing his team-mates die left and right, either from bombs to machine gun fire.

Meanwhile, Princess Finé is recovered from her wounds, but she watched the current situation from afar as Eylstadt couldn’t help but fall back until the country’s territory is occupied by Germania.

They’re hoping for a miracle somehow but at this point, there’s nothing that the kingdom can do!

On the contrary, it seems that miracles do happen as luck is on Eylstadt’s side…

…in the form of a certain white witch named Izetta, as she throws various weapons like lances and swords towards enemy planes and tanks.

Well, scratch the tanks as medieval weapons couldn’t penetrate its armor!

However, Izetta can just lift those Germanian tanks and toss them until the whole battalion is completely destroyed.

Looks like Germania’s secret weapon got a taste of its own medicine!

In any case, Eylstadt has finally overcome the wrath of the Germanic Reich thanks to the White Witch.

While they celebrate their victory, it seems that Germania will come back for more!

Meanwhile, the Archduke of Eylstadt has heard the news that the White Witch has pushed the Germanian troops back.

He was delighted that the legend has finally happened, but unfortunately the Archduke of Eylstadt has passed away. We’ll surely missed him as Princess Ortfiné Fredericka von Eylstadt will ascend to the throne in this dire period.

Finally, here’s Princess Finé as she greeted Izetta for pushing the enemy back with her magic. It seems that the princess truly acknowledged Izetta as Eylstadt’s last bastion of hope. Of course, the likes of Berckmann still wants the White Witch’s powers for world domination.

With that said, I’ll see you on the next episode and let’s hope that Eylstadt will support Izetta on stopping Germania for reaching its goals!

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  1. Karandi says:

    This was a fun episode to watch but I kind of would like to see more of a character focus next episode rather than another action set piece.

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