Lostorage Incited WIXOSS Episode #02

This is Mel and while she’s made by a Selector’s memories, take a guess on the name of Mel’s Selector?

If you answered Chinatsu Morikawa, then you’re correct as Mel was made from Chinatsu’s memories. Heck, the LRIG’s name was taken from one of Chii-chan’s plushie that was given by Suzuko.

Unfortunately for Chinatsu, her life is marred by a string of misfortunes such as not making the recommendation list, losing her part-time job, and having financial difficulties as her father is about to get laid-off. Yeah, Morikawa got Touma Kamijou’s bad luck except it was played for depression!

Meanwhile, Suzuko Homura just got noticed by a fellow Selector… and a powerful one at that. Then again, she’s not here to challenge Suzuko as she recently won her duel from Episode 1.

Anyways, this is Hanna Mikage and she’s not only a Selector, but also a veteran WIXOSS player who publishes various articles about it. While she won’t beat Suzuko for now, the reason why Hanna became a Selector is because she’s curious about the Selector battles and the rewards of winning it.

By the way, should a Selector got all 5 gold coins, he/she will not only escape the Selector battles but can also alter his/her memories at will, be it implanting false memories or even reviving forgotten ones.

In any case, let’s go back to Chinatsu Morikawa and while she struggled a bit by losing two matches, Chinatsu managed to beat her opponent by going all-in. Well, she sacrificed one gold ring to use Mel’s ability.

With that said, I’m glad that Morikawa won her Selector battle. Of course, she’s hungry to win it all in order to save her family, even if Chii-chan faces Suzuko and beat her to achieve it! Anyways, more BATTORU on the next episode…

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