Occultic;Nine Episode #02

This is Miyuu Aikawa and while she recently joined Kiri Kiri Basara, Myu is a popular amateur fortune-teller who broadcasts her predictions via Nico Nico Douga.

Of course, Miyuu is being threatened by haters who calls her fortune-telling as sham. However, it’s not like that she can predict a good or bad fortune as it turns out that Miyuu has the power to see the future.

Speaking of haters or should I say skeptic, one guy named Sarai Hashigami calls Miyuu Aikawa’s fortune-telling as unrealistic.

But here’s the catch though as Myu told Sarai that he should meet his father right away or he might regret it. Unfortunately, said father happened to be none other than Prof. Kansei or Isayuki Hashigami. Well, I’ll just gonna call Prof. Isayuki Hashigami from now on!

Meanwhile, here’s Yuuta Gamon as he’s embroiled between a rock and a hard place… until he receives a call from an old radio, telling him to get the hell out of the crime scene!

Also, Gamotan saw Prof. Hashigami’s dying message in which he writes “CODE” on the floor.

Anyways, let’s have Gamotan out of Prof. Hashigami’s office by doing the first task, which is pulling out a golden tooth with pliers.

It’s crazy, but it holds something that will save Yuuta’s life…

…like a key as seen here. Yeah, it’s impossible to create this in real life.

But hey, Gamotan managed to escaped the crime scene for now, but he’s still on the run though because Yuuta left some fingerprints on the blood-stained knife. What a goddamn idiot Gamotan is!

Outside the crime scene, it seems that the authorities have finally arrived and good thing Yuuta got out in the nick of time.

By the way, this is Shun Moritsuka who is a detective. Scratch that, he’s a cosplayer and an otaku detective. However, something’s fishy going on with Moritsuka as he arrived at the crime scene first and did suspicious things like erasing Prof. Hashigami’s dying message. I have a feeling that Shun is part of a bigger conspiracy!

Meanwhile, here’s Miyuu Aikawa and Ryoka Narusawa as she visits Aria Kurenaino’s curse shop… to bring misfortune on Yuuta Gamon.

Um girls, that’s not good as Gamotan is in a pinch right now! *sigh*

But you know what, let’s move onto the next scene as Miyuu Aikawa says good-bye to her friend Chi-chan.

It’s nice that Myu has friends to support her, even if she’s being branded as fake or other horrible things!

On the other hand, I have a feeling that this person named Ririka Nishizono will something bad to Chi-chan, be it blackmail or murder!

Ugh, this ain’t good for Miyuu Aikawa…

Anyways, let’s end this episode where Myu receives a picture from Chi-chan. God, I hope Miyuu’s friend is alright… or not!

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