ViVid Strike! Episode #03

Here’s the Nakajima Gym crew as they’re ready to witness Rinne Berlinetta’s match against a tough opponent!

They’re so excited that Vivio Takamachi, Einhart Stratos, and Fuuka Reventon wants to see how the number one fighter improved.

Meanwhile, here’s Coach Jill Stora from the Frontier Gym as she made a formal greeting to Nove Nakajima.

By the way, both Nove and Jill have argued about their different coaching styles in the past. But after Rinne’s defeat at the hands of Vivio, Coach Jill is determined that her methods are more effective as it prioritize talent above all!

But let’s cut into the chase as the number one fighter from the Under-15 division has arrived.

By the way, Seven Arcs did a stunning job on Rinne Berlinetta’s transformation sequence!

Anyways, this is Carrie Tercel and while she’s undefeated, I would say good luck to her as Rinne is stronger than before…

And as you can see, Rinne’s kick against Carrie might be powerful but her strength is just a tip of the iceberg!

In fact, Coach Jill Stora believes that the match is already finished in Rinne’s favor. Scary glasses aside, her claim of Rinne’s lopsided victory isn’t a joke…

…as the number one fighter knocked Carrie Tercel out in a snap. Well, there goes Carrie’s undefeated record!

Of course, she’s not satisfied with this victory as Rinne Berlinetta wants to win the upcoming Winter Cup before moving out of the Under-15 division. Yeah, she’s serious about claiming total victory!

Afterwards, Rinne met with the girls at the Nakajima Gym. On the other hand, Fuuka told Rinne that she’s hurting upon beating her opponent, as well as pushing herself to the limit.

This puts Rinne Berlinetta over the edge as she strangles her friend Fuuka Reventon.

Oh, and the reason why she’s so upset is because Rinne’s life is very miserable upon being adopted, from being bullied by her peers to having her grandfather passed away. No wonder Rinne becomes a stoic fighter!

Fortunately, Fuuka frees herself by using one of Hegemon-style techniques: Dankuuken.

Still, this confrontation has pretty much sealed the deal as Rinne Berlinetta will crush the Nakajima Gym, including Fuuka Reventon.

In any case, the heat is on towards winning the Winter Cup! Meanwhile, I think it’s time for Fuuka to get her own Intelligent Device if she wants to survive a round against Rinne.

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