WWW.Working!! Episode #03

Here’s Episode 3 and it seems that Sayuri Muranushi is anticipating a phantom customer, despite the fact that she doesn’t believe in the super-natural.

Heck, even Daisuke Higashida questions Muranushi’s sanity… in his mind though.

Oh wait, looks like Wagnaria has a custo- Wait a minute, those two fireballs surrounding this person might indicate something…

Anyways, this is Miri Yanagiba and this person might be a ghost or something else entirely. On the other hand, seems that everyone can see Yanagiba.

Yes, this includes Higashida as he questions on whether Miri is actually a ghost who has lingering regrets or he’s just that Daisuke is getting insane.

After all, he’s working part-time to support his family and his tuition fees!

Meanwhile, more character introductions starting with Takuya Kouno, where he invited his co-workers (plus Miri Yanagiba) to visit the forest for a test of courage. I mean, it’s summer and it’s time for them to see if they’re tough enough to face ghosts, even though there’s one right behind Kouno-san.

Speaking of Kouno, Takuya is the jester to the Wagnaria crew and he plays the “boke” role all the time. But wait, where’s his “tsukkomi” partner?

Well, Takuya’s partner named Masahiro Adachi is with Sayuri Muranushi and he looks so pale today.

Was it because that he ate something bad or he’s scared of ghosts even though Muranushi doesn’t believe in such things?

No, it’s just that Masahiro is scared of how Sayuri smiles. Yeah, that looks so genuine right here!

As for Adachi, the fact that Muranushi made a rare smile is the most frightening of all.

Finally, here’s Rui Nagata who is Daisuke Higashida’s classmate. While she’s worried about Daisuke, Rui actually has a crush on him.

Then again, Higashida is too busy to notice Nagata’s feeling as he’s studying hard…

…as well as accompanying Hana Miyakoshi, who got a cold after playing the test of courage during summer break.

And you think that both Daisuke and Hana-sempai are a couple, they’re not!

Well, except for Rui Nagata as she’s shocked to see Higashida having a girl at his side. It would take a long explanation to clear up this misunderstanding!

In any case, that’s about it for this week’s episode. One more thing, seems that Miri Yanagiba will remain on the surface for the time being, or even make Wagnaria as her home by staying at the attic!

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