Sound! Euphonium 2 Episode #03

Here’s Masahiro Hashimoto as he tells the Kitauji Concert Band Club that they should play their instruments with emotions.

Sure that he/she must play their instruments precisely, but feelings are also important should a player wants to leave a good impression in front of a live audience!

Of course, there are a few club members who couldn’t put their feelings when playing an instrument, as Hashimoto-sensei told Mizore Yoroizuka that she’s like a robot when playing the oboe.

Then again, she doesn’t care about competing anyway yet Mizore is vital for the club’s success. Therefore, Yoroizuka can’t be helped but to play her instrument till the nationals!

Meanwhile, it seems that the reason why Asuka Tanaka couldn’t reinstate Nozomi Kasaki to the concert band club is because Mizore Yoroizuka has somewhat of a grudge against Nozomi.

While it could be a case of a bad fall-out between Yoroizuka and Kasaki, no wonder Asuka-sempai is very cautious on putting the flutist back.

Lastly, looks like Reina Kousaka has finally spoken to Taki-sensei. It turns out that Satomi Niiyama is actually married so it appears that there’s no intimate relationship between her and Noboru Taki.

That’s great for Kousaka, but there’s another problem…

It turns out that according to Hashimoto-sensei, Noboru Taki is actually married or should I say previously married as Taki-sensei’s wife have passed away 5 years ago. And boy, he was freaking devastated until Taki became Kitauji’s concert band club advisor.

In any case, it was nice to see more of Noboru Taki which surprised Kumiko Oumae. Of course, Kumiko is not gonna tell it to Reina or she’ll get depressed about it! Now then, the only thing I’m looking forward is having both Nozomi Kasaki and Mizore Yoroizuka reconcile on the next episode.

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  1. prattle says:

    Taki’s past marriage came out of left field in my opinion, but apparently there’s a brief photo of his wife in episode 12 of season one. Funny thing is she looks like Reina

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