Brave Witches Episode #03

Well, here’s Hikari Karibuchi as she’s greeted by the 502nd Joint Fighter Wing called Brave Witches, which is based on Petersburg, Orussia!

Well, except for Naoe Kanno as she hates Hikari for being Takami’s replacement. Also, despite the fact that she volunteered to take her sister’s place, looks like the 502nd Joint Fighter Wing will have to send Hikari back to Fusou as she has weak magical powers.

Meanwhile, Hikari Karibuchi is joined by Naoe Kanno to find Nikka Edvardine Katajainen as she went missing.

Fortunately, Hikari’s physical endurance have finally found Nikka (or Nipa as what they call her), but it appears that her Striker Unit is busted so she can’t fly on her own.

With that said, it’s time to return to base but for Hikari, it’ll be her last day in Orussia due to the fact that she’s useless with having weak magical powers!

But then, a large Neuroi appeared to cut off their retreat. Damn, looks like they have bad luck this time around!

Well then, looks like Naoe has no choice but to engage the enemy even though she’s low on fuel and ammo.

Also, the fact that she’s fighting on higher altitude would be very difficult for Kanno to destroy the Neuroi.

Fortunately, Naoe Kanno has some backup as Hikari Karibuchi lifts Nikka Edvardine Katajainen up so she can spray bullets onto the Neuroi.

Still, it won’t be effective unless they found the core and destroy it. Also, I forgot to tell you that Hikari can see the Neuroi’s core… if she’s in a tight spot! The reason why she survive the attack from last week’s episode is because Hikari is feeling the tense pressure.

In any case, time for Naoe Kanno to destroy the large Neuroi using one of her techniques: Tsurugi Issen

And look, one straight punch is all Naoe needs to destroy the core! Glad that it’s all over…

Well then, it’s time for them to go home and take some rest. But for Hikari Karibuchi, she’ll go back to Fusou after this!

Well, it can’t be help since Hikari has weak magical powers…

Also, she’s a bit distracted by a grasshopper as it lands on her nose, which Hikari got a sneeze afterwards!

And here’s the result as they fell down to the river below. What a weird way to end this week’s episode!

One more thing, seems that Commander Gundula Rall will have to let Hikari Karibuchi stay… for another week. That’s great news, but let’s not count about it unless Hikari proves something to them!

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