Fune wo Amu Episode #02

Today’s episode is where Genbu Shobo’s dictionary editorial department celebrated Mitsuya Majime’s arrival with a toast!

Of course, there’s more character introductions on Episode 2…

…starting with the supervisor Tomosuke Matsumoto. He worked with Kouhei Araki for many years and gathered various words and meanings throughout his career.

Also, this is Kaoru Sasaki who is the secretariat in the dictionary editorial department.

Well apart from Masashi Nishioka, the department is full of old people who dedicated their life to make dictionaries with “The Great Passage” becoming their magnus opus.

Then again, it’ll be a long way to finish it. For now, Mitsuya Majime will have to enjoy the welcoming party before getting serious on completing “The Great Passage”.

Still, Majime-san is somewhat awkward as he overfilled Sasaki’s cup. But don’t worry, Sasaki-san doesn’t mind that!

Finally, here’s another character that’s introduced at the end of this episode as she holds Majime’s pet cat Tora-chan (or Tiger).

Anyways, I’ll see you next week then!

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