Regalia: The Three Sacred Stars Episode #08

Well, looks like Johann has decided to burn Ingrid’s precious country Rimgarde, just to destroy both Yui and Rena’s Magna Alecto as well as Sara and Tia’s Tisis.

Fortunately, both Regalias are fine but they’re in a pinch right now! However, Rena got an idea that would rescue Kei as it turns out that she’s controlled by Johann.

So together with Tia, they decide to enter deep within Kei’s subconsciousness. After all, all three of them are related to the god of vengeance Erinius.

Oh, and they’re being guide by Rena’s alter-ego called Magna Alecto. In any case, let’s explore what happened to Kei 12 years ago…

So it turns out that Kei was found by Ingrid Tiesto who was the princess of Rimgarde at that time.

Ingrid adopted Kei as her sister and they have a good peaceful time…

But that’s until Johann came to the picture in which he used Kei to unleash more energy just to summon Ruks Ex Machina.

Although the experiment failed which coincides with the fall of Rimgarde, Johann controls Kei as his doll.

Serious, what a fuckin’ asshole Johann is! He doesn’t care about lives, Johann wants to burn the whole world using Ruks Ex Machina!

And speaking of Johann, he’s about to crush both the Magna Alecto along with Empress Yuinshel Asteria. He’s very much the devil himself!

That’s until Ingrid decides that she had enough and rescues Yui from the brink of death.

Well in fact, she’s waiting for the day to betray Johann as an act of revenge for destroying Rimgarde and her people!

Still, Ingrid is in danger as Johann has control over Kei, which he can shoot the former princess of Rimgarde while inside the Xeno Megaera.

Now let’s go back to Kei’s subconsciousness where Rena and Tia approached her. Also, it appears that Kei summons what appears to be a key of some sort.

By the way, both Rena and Tia has the same key as Kei. I guess they’re chosen by Erinius after all!

So by combining all 3 keys, it creates a resonance that’ll free Kei from Johann’s control.

See, thanks to both Rena and Tia, Kei is finally back to herself as she reunites with Ingrid.

Yeah, I’m glad that both of them got a happy ending. Of course, they’re too early to celebrate their reunion…

In fact, Johann is still there and he wants to destroy all 3 Regalias in order to revive Ruks Ex Machina!

I’ll say it again, he’s an asshole and he needs to be killed!

Fortunately, Kei and Ingrid are paying Johann back in full for the horrible things that he did 12 years ago!

And so, both Kei and Ingrid uses Xeno Megaera’s Judgement Arrow against Johann’s massive Regalia Gear!

Sure that he’s beaten on this week’s episode, I have a feeling that he’ll return to accomplish what he started 12 years ago. I mean, Johann is very hard to kill!

For now, Johann is defeated but he’ll be back! As for Kei and Ingrid, they have decided to stop his plans of reviving Ruks Ex Machina by helping Yui and her friends!

Well, I have to say that it was the most intense battle I’ve ever seen in Regalia: The Three Sacred Stars. Of course, there’s still a few episodes left.

And now, I’ll leave you with Erinius’ sacred Regalias reunited to stop their worst enemy once again!

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