Stella no Mahou Episode #03

Well look what we have here… Seems that Tamaki Honda’s house is freaking big!

Also, she invited her friends to come over and create their second game from the SNS Club.

In any case, it’ll be week-long activity of brainstorming, making assets and polishing-up the product… as long as they don’t screw it up!

Oh yeah, seems that Tamaki’s family are friendly as they’re surprised to see their daughter bringing her buddies at their home… as long as Shiina Murakami and the rest of the SNS Club don’t play the shishi-odoshi.

Also, Yumine Fuda is here as she wants to help Tamaki on using illustration programs and tablet styluses.

Unfortunately, Tamaki is having a difficult time getting used to it. I mean, she used to draw in her sketchbook than a computer.

But you know what, Tamaki will get the hang of using the stylus and the illustration program. Then again, she could just scan her drawings.

Meanwhile, looks like Shiina Murakami is taking pictures of the SNS Club for documentation purposes. Oh, and for remembrance after graduation.

By the way, the reason why the name their doujin-making club as “SNS” is because Shiina suggested it as a joke, but it later stuck the name when her previous club president Teru hastily submit it. And by the way, SNS doesn’t stand for “Social Networking Service” as it means something that’ll depress you.

Now then, it’s time to reveal the plot for the second game. Just don’t say it out loud in front of Ayame Seki as she’s embarrassed about it!

Anyways, the plot is simple where you have a prince named and Samyu meeting a princess named Stella. Of course, you’ll have to choose one path which will lead the player either a bad or a good ending.

On the other hand, notice that the box which houses the dialogue and choices has a mind of its own, as it’s urging Samyu to pick the right path!

Also, it turns out that the box is actually an old guy who personifies the text and select screen, something that Kayo Fujikawa is terrified about it!

In any case, they’re making progress during Golden Week so let’s hope that they finish it in time for Summer Comiket.

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