Occultic;Nine Episode #03

Here’s Miyuu Aikawa’s friend Chi-chan as she’s in danger…

…by this young punk who’s about to kill her. Say it ain’t so!

Anyways, let’s start this week’s episode as Shun Moritsuka meet Ririka Nishizono. Speaking of Ririka, there’s no confirmation on her involvement with Chi’s disappearance.

Now then, seems that Shun is interested in Ririka’s doujin works, especially for her latest one called “A Dark Water’s Bottom” where it shows events that will happen in this anime series. Oh yeah, and the death of Isayuki Hashigami while leaving the dying message “CODE” has already foretold in the doujin manga, although Nishizono denies such claims from Moritsuka.

Still, he had a great time with the doujin artist, although he’s planning to put someone as a scapegoat soon like a certain Yuuta Gamon.

Afterwards, Shun Moritsuka met Isayuki Hashigami’s son Sarai Hashigami.

Although the professor has already been killed in the first episode, I think Sarai won’t visit his father’s funeral because some personal grudge against Prof. Hashigami.

That’s because Sarai hates his father Isayuki for researching unrealistic (and somewhat occult) theories like the existence of astral and/or spiritual bodies according to Nikola Tesla.

Although Sarai calls his father as a mad scientist, I think he should have regrets on losing his own parent!

Meanwhile, here’s Aria Kurenaino and while she already put a curse on poor Gamotan, did you know that she has a secret past. Also, Aria Kurenairo isn’t her real name actually.

It turns out that she’s previously known as Ria Minase as she lived with her brother Takaharu throughout her lifetime.

In fact, Takaharu quit his job to take care of Ria for a year. Sadly, there’s one problem with that…

The truth is that Takaharu Minase is already dead due to a failed kidney transplant to his sister Ria.

While Ria survived thanks to her brother’s kidney transplant, it took a damn year to snap Ria back to reality and told her that Takaharu is reduced to a rotting corpse. Yeah, that was the most creepiest thing of all!

Oh yeah, and it turns out that this occult reporter named Touko Sumikaze is covering Ria Minase or should I say Aria Kurenairo’s case for a long time, as well as recent events like Prof. Isayuki Hashigami’s death.

Speaking of Prof. Hashigami, he asked Sumikaze-san about her previous dream, which she told the professor about bodies floating around the lake at night. Hmm, I have a bad feeling about what she said…

Lastly, here’s Yuuta Gamon as he’s getting away from police authorities while being shaken with fear. Well, it’s his fault for holding a knife at the crime scene from Episode 1!

Now, he’s struggling to find a keyhole as the disemboweled voice from the radio told him to do so.

Then, Gamotan got caught by a devil. Not the one from Highschool DxD, but a monstrous devil that he’s about to drag Yuuta-kun to hell!

Well, Yuuta Gamon has reached the bad ending…

…except that it’s actually just a dream. At least Gamotan is safe from harm!

Never mind, it seems that what Gamotan previously saw and experienced wasn’t a dream after all, as the voice from the radio told him to open up the television and watch the news or something.

At this point, Yuuta has no choice but to follow the voice because he’s an emotional wreck and an idiot to boot!

But once he turn on the TV, Gamotan saw something terrible as he saw the breaking news where 51 and more bodies are found at a lake in Inokashira Park.

Yeah, seems that Touko Sumikaze’s dream has finally come true!

Well guys and girls, looks like shit hits the fan now that Gamotan in pulled into a bigger conspiracy. Prof. Hashigami’s death might be the beginning of this conspiracy, but seeing countless of casualties at Inokashira Park has truly kicked into high gear!

Anyways, I think it’s time for Yuuta Gamon to act fast next week or he’s a goner.

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