Sangatsu no Lion Episode #03

On a hot summer day, two boys are playing shogi at the department store rooftop. These two boys, named Harunobu Nikaidou and Rei Kiriyama, are doing their best to win.

Ultimately, Nikaidou conceded and while he almost got a heat-stroke, Harunobu shows how determined to beat Rei Kiriyama even if he’s desperately trying to make a bold move!

Now let’s move onto the present as Nikaidou has returned to settle the score.

While he may look like a shonen manga character for a brief moment, Harunobu made some improvements in his strategy so he’s not the same opponent from a few years ago!

In any case, the latest match between Rei and Harunobu took all the way till evening.

While Nikaidou made some bold moves to slow Kiriyama’s attacks, it wasn’t enough to beat his genius rival. Heck, he almost collapsed when the air conditioner is not working!

In any case, it was a valiant effort from Harunobu Nikaidou as escorted by his butler Hanaoka. Sure that he lost against Rei Kiriyama, as well as keeping his composure despite having a frail body, Nikaidou shows that he’s stronger and more determined than before!

Well then, that’s about it for this week’s episode as Rei visits the Kawamoto household for the last day of the Obon Festival.

Of course, a few people like Hinata couldn’t hold her feelings anymore as her deceased mother and grandmother are returning to the afterlife.

I have to say, it’s sad that she must part ways with her loved ones until next year.

As for Rei-kun, he doesn’t show his emotions as he stays with Hinata for the time being. While he doesn’t cry, Kiriyama missed his real parents a lot!

Anyways, I’ll see you next week…

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