Watashi ga Motete Dousunda Episode #03

Well, seems that Hayato Shinomiya is taking the lead against Kae Serinuma. Nice!

Then again, he can’t do it because Shinomiya is a freshman and he couldn’t assert his position. Man, try to act manly dammit!

Meanwhile, here’s Amane Nakano as it seems that various clubs are asking Serinuma for help.

But then again, A-chan is worried that Kae-chan might collapsed due to overwork. I mean, she’s handling the costumes for both the play and the cosplay cafe!

Speaking of costumes, looks like Kae’s male haremettes looked stunning upon wearing it, especially for Hayato-kun and his Snow White outfit!

Yeah, I would say that Shinomiya is the uke but it sucks that there’s no costume for Asuma Mutsumi.

Anyways, the crowd gone wild as they saw their male idols wear costumes for the cosplay party. Well, except for Hayato Shinomiya as he’ll do the stage play.

On the other hand, here’s Kae Serinuma as she wears her own costume. Not too shabby to say the least!

Of course, Kae and Nozomu are getting some attention. Might as well get the hell out of this sticky situation!

With that said, it’s time for Nanashima to spend his private time with Serinuma. After all, he’s attracted to her looks despite Kae having the heart of a fujoshi!

But then again, here’s Asuma Mutsumi as he cock-blocked Nanashima’s advances.

Sorry Nozomu, but the only way to make Kae-chan happy is to pair up with Mutsumi-sempai. She’ll get turned on with that!

Finally, here’s Hayato Shinomiya in action as he plays Snow White. Isn’t he cute?

On the other hand, looks like Yuusuke Igarashi is making his move on Serinuma, something that she can’t handle it!

Still, I wonder if his feelings for Kae-chan are genuine or not?

But with that said, seems that Serinuma couldn’t handle the series of events as she’s like the protagonist of an otome game!

Look at her, all that Kae-chan could do is scream like Dio Brando! WRYYYY~!

Fortunately, faith has restored for Serinuma as she saw Mutsumi-sempai and Shinomiya pairing up in a folk dance.

Yeah, it’s sucks that they couldn’t take Kae-chan’s hand for now…

But for Kae and her friend A-chan, the fact that they get to see both boys together is priceless to them!

In any case, that’s about it for this week’s episode!

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  1. Karandi says:

    Yeah, I wonder if that guy feels left out as he’s the only one she didn’t make a costume for? That didn’t occur to me while watching.

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