WWW.Working!! Episode #04

Poor Yuuta Shindou, he’s a slave to his childhood friend Shiho Kamakura due to his family’s debts. I pity him!

But don’t worry though as this guy is cheering him up… even though he doesn’t speak the language properly.

Anyways, this is Kouki Saiki and while he’s Japanese, Saiki-san didn’t learn the language because he’s raised abroad.

Man, didn’t his parents teach him to speak their native tongue before living overseas?

On the other hand, Kouki Saiki learned to speak Japanese by Kisaki Kondou… in the wrong way.

By the way, while she’s a smart person, I think Kisaki-san shouldn’t slack-off when teaching Kouki on how to speak Japanese properly.

Meanwhile, here’s a new character introduced who is actually Hana’s mother.

This is Yoko Miyakoshi who is a famous TV cook. Then again, Yoko-san often resorted to violence and she’s somewhat of a scatterbrain…

…which I have to say that Hana inherited her mother’s idiocy. Like mother like daughter, I suppose.

On the other hand, seems that Hana Miyakoshi is in the right mood to make some chocolate, even though it’s Autumn on this episode. Well, there’s only one thing to do for Daisuke Higashida…

…and that’s dumping his cash as a offering, praying that Daisuke might live after eating Hana’s chocolate.

Also if you notice right now, Hana Miyakoshi is taking care of this raccoon dog which she finds it in last week’s episode. Then again, Hana can’t keep it so Daisuke becomes the caretaker in her place.

Anyways, it’s the moment of truth as Daisuke Higashida ate one of Hana’s latest creations. And I have to say, it’ll have the same results as last time!

Well it turns out that Hana mixed her chocolate with sweet curry mix, which is not a good idea for making chocolate bars in the first place.

Also, don’t worry about Higashida-kun as he’s alive after taking a bite!

One last thing, here’s Rui Nagata and it seems that she befriended Miri Yanagiba recently, although I questioned about Yanagiba’s existence on whether she’s actually dead or alive.

Oh yeah, looks like Rui-chan brought some chocolates for Daisuke-kun, but he appears that Higashida had enough of eating one. Fortunately, Yanagiba got an idea that’ll salvage Nagata’s efforts…

…by sneaking up on Higashida and unexpectedly eat it. Well, I’d say that Daisuke love Rui-chan’s chocolates than Hana Miyakoshi!

Well everyone, that’s about it for this week’s episode.

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