Lostorage Incited WIXOSS Episode #03

This is Hanna Mikage who is doing various articles related to WIXOSS. After all, she’s one of the best players of the card game.

Of course, there are a few people who wanted to challenge Hanna in order to get coins and survive. I mean, this girl named Kagari Yukino is desperate!

Meanwhile, Suzuko Homura got another challenge and while she’s hesitant on doing Selector BATTORU, Suzuko needs to win more coins in order not to be forgotten!

This time, she’s gonna challenge a male Selector named Masaru Narumi, who is finding his sister Aya after becoming a Selector and losing all gold coins.

Oh yeah, and his LRIG is Aaya who is named after his little sister. Don’t judge her looks as Aaya’s personality is rotten to the core!

Also, Aaya can make clones of herself with a flip of a coin. Well, the only way to use LRIG’s abilities is to use the Selector’s coins to activate!

Not to worry though as Suzuko did the same as she activates Ril’s ability Honest, which it forces the opposing Selector to spill the beans on what’s their next strategy…

…or in Masaru’s case, telling Suzuko on where the real Aaya is. And lo and behold, Aaya is defeated by Ril just like that!

Well then, looks like Suzuko Homura got 3 gold coins now. Only two more to go and she’s free from doing BATTORU!

As for Masaru Narumi, he has 2 gold coins left but Masaru told Suzuko that he’s having regrets on saving his sister Aya.

Well, there’s nothing that he could do but Narumi will continue to fight until he got all 5 coins!

Now let’s go back to the Selector battle between Hanna Mikage and Kagari Yukino.

Gotta say, seems that Hanna and her LRIG Nanashi are winning this BATTORU!

For Kagari and her LRIG Yukime, not so much as their desperation to win has cost them the victory. Oh, and Hanna won’t get softy about her opponent as she’ll beat Kagari without mercy…

Yeah, I can’t bear to look and much like Hitoe Uemura, looks like Kagari Yukino will face the consequence of losing all 5 gold coins on the spot!

Anyways, Kagari Yukino lost the battle and it turns out that according to Masaru Narumi, not only the defeated Selector’s memory will be erased but so is their personality.

Basically, the Selector might become an empty shell if he/she lost all coins, something that Suzuko Homura is scared about it!

Well then, that’s about it for Episode 3 of Lostorage Incited WIXOSS. Tune in next time as Hanna Mikage is curious about this “Bookmaker” person after Kagari mentioned it earlier.

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