Shuumatsu no Izetta Episode #04

This is the Fuhrer of the Germania Empire named Otto. Accompanied by his aide Elliot, Otto is fascinated with witches that he wanted to use one for world domination!

Then again, relying on the White Witch’s powers is a double-edged sword which I’ll explain it a bit!

For now, the White Witch named Izetta is resting inside the royal palace at Landsbruck, Eylstadt.

While only a few people are mourning over the passing of the Archduke, it seems that they’re keeping it under wraps until Princess Ortfiné Fredericka von Eylstadt is crowned the head of state.

In any case, Izetta deserved some recognition as both Princess Finé’s friend and the bastion of hope for Eylstadt.

Of course, not everyone is convinced in Izetta’s accomplishments as Bianca is very suspicious towards the White Witch.

As part of the Imperial Guard, Bianca is worried about Princess Finé that she doesn’t like bringing strangers inside the palace. But you know what, Bianca needs to believe in Izetta as she pushed Germanian troops away during the siege at Coenenburg.

Meanwhile, here’s another character who is thankful for saving Coenenburg from Germania. This is Lotte, the palace maid who’s excited to see Izetta’s magic.

Unfortunately, she can’t do it because of reason that I’ll explain later…

But first, time for Izetta to get stripped by Lotte and take a bath!

Gotta say, Bianca is shocked that Izetta has a nice pair of breasts!

Anyways, it turns out that the reason why Izetta can’t use magic in the royal capital is because Landsbruck has few or no ley lines at all.

Basically, witches needs ley lines in order to use their magic to its fullest, more ley lines in certain areas means stronger magic. Therefore, it’s not feasible to use the White Witch’s powers all the time as they must find areas with large density of ley lines, otherwise the White Witch is pretty much useless.

By the way, what Izetta said about ley lines would result in death for both her and the people who heard this secret, including Princess Finé. But since Izetta is the last White Witch, it’s unnecessary.

In any case, Sieg has suggested to keep the secret to themselves while promoting Izetta to the public eye.

And what a way to bring recognition to the White Witch is by having Princess Finé’s tutor Elvira Friedman do the propaganda.

Well, she did some newspaper articles and radio shows in United States of Atlanta, which I believe that they’re currently neutral on this conflict so to speak.

Oh yeah, and Elvira has a penchant for fashion as she “physically” measures girls so she can make fabulous clothes. Well, who needs tape measurements for this one!

In any case, next episode will be the coronation for Princess Ortfiné as she becomes the queen of Eylstadt, while declaring Izetta as the country’s last hope for freedom against the Germanic Reich.

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  1. Karandi says:

    I’m waiting for another witch to show up. Izetta keeps saying she can tell them stuff because there aren’t any other witches and this just keeps leading me to believe that this is going to come back to bite her sooner or later.

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