ViVid Strike! Episode #04

Well then, looks like Fuuka Reventon is stepping up her game to get stronger and befriend Rinne Berlinetta with her fists!

Of course, her Intelligent Device isn’t ready until next week, so in the meantime Fuuka is building up strength in order to survive Rinne’s relentless attacks.

Meanwhile, it’s time to focus on Rinne Berlinetta’s backstory. As much as Rinne’s tragic past was shown on last week’s episode, this is the episode that’ll focus on how Rinne became what she is in the present.

So let’s start things off with Rinne being adopted by both Dan and Lori Berlinetta, who owns a famous clothing brand in Mid-Childa.

They’re interested at Rinne ever since she met Roy Berlinetta, which she helped the old man on his way to the orphanage.

They’re interested at Rinne ever since she met Roy Berlinetta, which she helped the old man on his way to the orphanage.

With that said, Rinne became part of the Berlinetta family.

And this is Roy Berlinetta who became Rinne’s grandfather. Let’s just say that she loves her grandpa very much, despite the fact that Roy is very sick and he’s bed-ridden most of the time.

Well I have to say that she’ll have a good time as a daughter of a rich family.

Of course, things got worse for Rinne as she faced constant bullying, ranging from throwing her a bucket of water to having her precious jewelry Scuderia being put in the toilet (Good thing it wasn’t flush down).

So yeah, she faced many prejudice during her time at a prestigious school. However, these things didn’t push Rinne off the edge…

In fact, it was her grandfather’s death that changed Rinne’s life forever, which she failed to see Roy Berlinetta in time thanks to those bullies.

So, what will Rinne do when she couldn’t see her grandpa when Roy Berlinetta needed the most?

Well, she beat those bullies up until they’re sent to the hospital. Yeah, it’s their fault for turning Rinne Berlinetta into one of the scariest person around!

As much as I hated bullying, this episode really shows how Rinne became a fighter who doesn’t like being looked down by other people. Basically, don’t mess this kid or you’ll end up in a stretcher!

Well everyone, that’s about it for Episode 4. Tune in next time as Fuuka Reventon gets her own Intelligent Device!

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  1. mirrorpurple says:

    I will never forget that final scene. I’m like Rinne’s biggest fan now.

  2. Doesn’t she have like a little sister or something? They got separated I think?

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