Magical Girl Raising Project Episode #04

Hey guys and girls, take a guess on who is Ruler’s true identity? You might surprise you one bit!

Well, it turns out that Ruler’s identity is actually an office lady named Sanae Mokuou, who doesn’t like being the subordinate and she wanted to become a boss to others. No wonder she became a magical girl who can command people!

Meanwhile, both La Pucelle and Snow White are having doubts to why they’re forced to participate in a game of death, instead of living the dream as magical girls.

As much as they’re doing their jobs seriously, some people wanted to get ahead at the expense of others…

…like these two girls named Minaelle and Yunaelle, who are part of Ruler’s gang and they’re here today to steal Snow White’s magical candies!

Of course, La Pucelle won’t let that happen as she’ll protect Snow White no matter what!

All La Pucelle needs is her sword that can stretch longer so it can hit magical girls mid-air.

Then again, La Pucelle didn’t realize that it was all just a trap…

…as Ruler proceeds to carry out her plan by putting Snow White under her command.

By the way, Ruler’s magic ability has limitation as it can command anyone within 5 meters. Also, she must stay still or it won’t work!

In any case, looks like Ruler’s plan is working as Swim-Swim is transferring Snow White’s candies to her account.

Yeah, what a dastardly act coming from Ruler, but that’s how it goes if you want to survive!

Fortunately, La Pucelle has arrived to rescue Snow White. By the way, does this picture remind you of something?

In any case, one swing of La Pucelle’s long sword is enough to shake the tower off.

And here’s La Pucelle grabbing Snow White. Still, it’s sucks that Snow White’s magical candies are pilfered.

On the other hand, she and La Pucelle are in a bad time today as Fav will announce who got last place. Will Snow White be the next one to resign? Not really!

It turns out that it was Ruler who got last place. How come that she got the shaft after making that absurd plan of stealing Snow White’s candies?

Well, there’s an explanation to that as Swim-Swim was the one carrying out Ruler’s plan in the first place, but she didn’t gave it to her boss right away…

Instead, Swim-Swim gave the candies to Tama where she’s surprised that Snow White earned 25,000. Actually, Snow White has 50,000 candies and Swim-Swim took half of it.

Afterwards, Swim-Swim told Tama to make a request to Fav on distributing the candies evenly to everyone, excluding a few people like Ruler, La Pucelle, and Snow White. Yeah, seems that Ruler’s subordinates back-stabbed her in the end!

In any case, Swim-Swim will try to put Ruler or should I say Sanae Mokuou’s body somewhere.

On the other hand, it seems that Swim-Swim has admired Ruler for a long time before committing this betrayal. In fact, she’s fascinated with princesses…

So much that Nemurin told her to become a princess one day. Wait a minute, seems that Nemurin actually visited Swim-Swim’s dreams before biting the dust!

And by the way, here is Swim-Swim’s true identity named Ayana Sakanagi. Well, I would say that she’s living the dream as the ruler of the gang.

Of course, how long will Tama and the Peaky Angels serve Swim-Swim is up in the air…

Lastly, here’s the introduction of two magical girls who wants to make an alliance towards Top Speed and Ripple: Weiss Winterprison and Sister Nana.

Anyways, looks like the number of magical girls has reduced to 14. Of course, I’m still worried on what will happen next!

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  1. Karandi says:

    Sounds like things are progressing well. I may pick this up again once it is finished if it ends well but for now I’m not following it. Still, I’m kind of interested in how the game plays out.

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