Fune wo Amu Episode #03

Well, seems that after he saw the woman from last week’s episode, Mitsuya Majime realized that she exists in dreams that he couldn’t reach!

Poor Majime, he’ll be single forever as Mitsuya will spend his time perfecting “The Great Passage”, even though online dictionaries (like Wiktionary) surpassed traditional ones. But you know what, kids these days are lazy to know the definition of words.

On the other hand, looks like the woman that appeared at the end of Episode 2 is finally here… in the flesh!

Yeah, even Mitsuya couldn’t believe that this woman existed in real-life! Anyways, this is Kaguya Hayashi who’s not only an aspiring Japanese chef, but she’ll be staying at the boarding house that Majime stays in.

Basically, they’re staying under one roof and Majime couldn’t think straight when Kaguya is in his mind. Well, Mitsuya has no experience when it comes to interacting towards the opposite sex.

Heck, even Masashi Nishioka noticed that Majime is love-struck on Hayashi at first sight. Then again, Mitsuya is too introverted to mingle with girls unlike Masashi who is out-going but you know what, I think Mitsuya’s budding love with Kaguya might become an inspiration to create new word definitions.

Speaking of Mitsuya Majime, he’s doing well on his new work in the dictionary editorial department. Unfortunately, there’s a looming threat that “The Great Passage” will be canceled, ’cause who needs a thick-ass dictionary when they can find words and its definitions online. But you know what, the internet isn’t the solution to everything as someone would stole it from various sources without the author/editor’s permission.

Anyways, I hope it’ll be resolved soon on the next episode…

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