Stella no Mahou Episode #04

Uh-oh, looks like Tamaki Honda is in a slump as she couldn’t find the right expression for her characters.

On the other hand, looks like Tamaki got startled by Marika Shimizu who is curious on her artwork!

Then again, Marika won’t be as helpful when it comes to making doujin games…

Anyways, looks like it’s time for Tamaki to go outside to find some inspiration.

While finding the right expression for both Stella and Samyu will be hard, staying at the river bank will have Tamaki find something interesting!

That’s until she met this girl named Teru Hyakutake who told Tamaki that she can become her model. I mean, Teru-san wearing cat-ears is a start!

But you know what, little did Tamaki know that Teru Hyakutake is actually the founder of the SNS Club. Yeah, she’s talking to a former member who designed the characters for SNS Club’s first game. With that said, Tamaki somewhat learned from Teru-san.

Now let’s move onto the part where Tamaki Honda and her friends are going to buy a scanner.

By the way, Teru Hyakutake gave them money to buy a scanner which would help Tamaki when it comes to putting her artwork to a computer.

Trouble is that Tamaki left her sketchbook in the cafe. While she did get it, Tamaki got soaked in the rain but at least her sketchbook is safe!

Still, I think for Tamaki to stay at her friend’s house right after buying the scanner.

Anyways, they stayed at Ayame Seki’s house for the time being once the rain has stopped.

Oh yeah, Ayame has two young brothers but they don’t want to tick her off.

Now then, let’s start with Nobuhito who is the youngest of the Seki siblings. All I can say that he’s cute and obedient!

On the other hand, here’s Haruma Seki as he’s teaching Tamaki Honda on how to put colors onto her character artwork.

Oh and did you know that Haruma has a crush on Tamaki? Well, looks like Ayame is gonna tease on her brother a lot… unless Haruma got angry and show Ayame’s secret book to her friends and her parents.

With that said, let’s try using the scanner and see what Tamaki Honda’s character artwork would look like on the screen? Can’t wait for that!

Oh wait, let’s show it already since the scanning is already finished!

And lo and behold, seems that Tamaki did a great job on drawing and coloring both Stella and Samyu, although she’s having trouble picturing out an old guy character that’ll represent the selection screen.

For now, it’s a great start for Tamaki Honda as she’s making progress in her artwork. You may thank Teru Hyakutake and Haruma Seki for helping her out!

Anyways, I’ll see you on the next episode…

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