Watashi ga Motete Dousunda Episode #04

Here’s Kae Serinuma and damn, she’s a bit early for her date…

…with the boys of course. Just kidding, they’re here to accompany her for the Winter Comiket!

And look, they’re overwhelmed with the sheer number of attendees this year. Oh yeah, and Kae said that it’s a bit low due to Christmas Eve, so you’ll imagine how big the attendance in last year’s Winter Comiket!

Not only that, but the boys will have to face various merchandise ranging from safe doujin materials…

…to the most dangerous ones that only the hardcore fans (and sexually-depraved individuals) can handle them.

I’m talking about hentai-doujinshi (or ero-doujin) where characters from famous anime series are doing lewd activities, regardless if the material is straight or gay!

Of course, we’ll focus on yaoi doujinshi as Kae wants to buy them all. Oh, and she asked both Nozomu Nanashima and Yuusuke Igarashi to do the shopping as Kae can’t do it by herself.

I mean, Serinuma wants to buy most of the BL doujins or she might face the “Sold Out!” sign once Kae reached the booth!

And speaking of Kae Serinuma, she’s doing it now! After all, Kae doesn’t want to get left behind with the latest issue of yaoi doujinshi.

With that said, it’s time for Serinuma and the boys to leave Tokyo Big Sight for the Christmas Party!

Unfortunately, Kae-chan will have to get away from this persistent photographer who’s creeping her out.

Remember everyone, don’t be like this guy or you’ll get your ass kicked and your camera broken into pieces!

On the other hand, where is Nozomu Nanashima and the others when she needed help to fend off this creep?

Not to worry though as help has just arrived! I wonder if one of the boys made it though?

Nope, it was just a cosplayer who passes through and rescued Serinuma from the fanatical photographer.

This is Shima Nishina who looks like a character from a manga called Black Butler!

Yeah, Kae Serinuma is fan-girling right now over Shima Nishina. But little did she know that Nishina is actually a girl… who looks like a cool guy!

By the way, the Christmas party is cancelled. Oh wait, I lied about it as the party did happen, but the boys don’t have the energy to get wild and tough!

But let’s move onto Shima Nishina as it turns out that she’s not only rich, but Nishina is actually a doujinshi artist who do boys’ love manga. Need any proof?

Here’s Shima’s drawing of Serinuma’s favorite character from Mirage Saga named SHION~! We’ll never forget about Shion…

Well, looks like the guys are easily defeated by a mere girl who not only has the “ikemen” look, but she’s talented as well!

And to prove her point, Nishina “accidentally” kisses Kae-chan in front of the guys. “And you though that you’ll get a kiss from Kae, huh? But it was actually me, Nishina!”

Well then, looks like the boys will have to overcome Shima Nishina if they want to get the girl of their dream, although I doubt that they’re pretty serious on dating Kae Serinuma. Until next episode then…

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