Magical Girl Raising Project Episode #05

Well, seems that Ripple and Top Speed are being asked by Sister Nana to stop the violence after losing both Nemurin and Ruler.

Unfortunately, Ripple is not in a good mood to cooperate with Sister Nana and Weiss Winterprison. In fact, she doesn’t like crybabies for some reason!

On the other hand, this is Weiss Winterprison and Sister Nana’s real identities named Shizuku Ashuu…

…and Nana Habutae, respectively. As you can see, both of them are lovers even though Japan doesn’t recognized same-sex marriages yet at the national level.

Still, it doesn’t matter as Shizuku and Nana are living happily under one roof!

Meanwhile, here’s some more magical girl introductions starting with Calamity Mary, who is a foul-mouthed, gun-slingin’ magical girl who is hired by the local Yakuza group.

Also, Calamity Mary is the one who humiliated Ruler in which she’s planning to one-up that foul-mouthed magical girl with her powers. Then again, Ruler got the back-stab from Swim-Swim so her revenge isn’t fulfilled!

On the other hand, Calamity Mary is being acquainted by Magicaloid 44 and get a load of this everyone.

It turns out that Magicaloid 44 helped Sister Nana on turning Shizuku Ashuu into a magical girl.

So much that Sister Nana asked Magicaloid 44 again to call the admins about the smartphone app game. Hell, Sister Nana will pay her in large sums of money!

However, little did Sister Nana know that Magicaloid 44 is ripping her off and I highly doubt that she’ll contact the administration.

But let’s move onto the next magical girl as this fellow named Cranberry contacted both Sister Nana and Weiss Winterprison for some important matters.

Unfortunately, the Forest Musician isn’t here to discuss about the smartphone app game…

Instead, Cranberry challenged both Sister Nana and Weiss Winterprison to a death battle. Damn, they caught in a trap!

Fortunately, Weiss Winterprison’s wall-creating ability, coupled with Sister Nana’s support magic, has hold off Cranberry’s attacks and made their escape.

That was a close call though, but I guess they should be careful when dealing with the Forest Musician from now on!

On the other hand, remember back in Episode 3 when Cranberry asked Fav about the consequences of losing a magical girl license?

Well, it’s beyond that as Cranberry is in cahoots with Fav, as they don’t want to change the current meta-game of killing magical girls until there’s 8 of them left… or even 4 in order to make it worse!

Also, Cranberry doesn’t care about getting candies as she wants to kill strong opponents.

In any case, it’s time to close this episode out with the introduction of the 16th magical girl named Hardgore Alice.

Oh yeah, and I have a bad feeling that she’s gonna hunt Snow White down, yet there’s no reason why Hardgore Alice wants to get the highest-ranked magical girl badly. I guess we’ll find out on the next episode!

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