Occultic;Nine Episode #04

Well, seems that the mass suicide at Inokashira Park is trending in a horrible way!

Meanwhile, Yuuta Gamon is back as he’s gonna make an article about the incident later. Then again, he’s still shaken after seeing the corpse of Prof. Isayuki Hashigami.

Meanwhile, there’s one person who recently died and turned into a ghost. Who could this person be perhaps?

Why it’s none other than the devil himself called Kiryu Kusakabe. Yes, he died just for the hell of it!

Oh yeah, and right after he became a malevolent ghost, Kiryu met Ria Minase at the train tracks while getting hysterical over her brother’s death.

So while he became Ria or Aria Kurenairo’s assistant, I bet that Kiryu Kusakabe will use her until he got bored of it! For now, Kiryu is sticking to his role of bringing death upon the client’s request.

Lastly, here’s Touko Sumikaze as she wants to talk to Yuuta Gamon as he owns the Supernatural Science Kiri Kiri Basara occult site. Of course, he wants to dodge about Prof. Hashigami’s death, yet Gamotan is too stupid to hide it in front on Sumikaze-san.

On the other hand, Miyuu Aikawa received a call from her missing friend Chi-chan. Of course, I’m speculating that it could be a trap as Chi-chan is either being kept alive or it’s revealed that she’s dead all along!

And speaking of Gamotan, looks like he attracted one person who got suspicious on him. Who could it be?

Why it’s none other than Sarai Hashigami as he questions Yuuta Gamon about his father Prof. Isayuki Hashigami. Well, looks like Gamotan is in a rock and a hard place!

In any case, we’ll find that out on the next episode…

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