Sangatsu no Lion Episode #04

This is Hinata Kawamoto and she’s preparing her lunchbox for the upcoming baseball game at her local middle-school.

However, Hina-chan is doing it haphazardly as she woke up a bit late and hastily making food without giving it a taste. Well, that would spell disaster if someone marries Hinata!

But the reason why she’s making a lunchbox is because of Takahashi, the ace baseball player who is not only tall but talented!

And yes, Hinata is fawning over him. It’s not wrong to have a crush, but let’s not forget that Hina-chan should choose the right man to be her partner.

Sadly, she’s largely ignored as Takahashi decided to eat at a restaurant together with his teammates, and some of his fans because it’s hard being popular all the time.

Well, looks like Hinata Kawamoto felt heart-broken as her efforts of making a lunchbox has gone in vain!

Of course, it’s bad to throw food away when Hina-chan was stopped by Rei Kiriyama.

It would be better to share it with the family, even though the food tasted bad! Well, at least Hina-chan tried…

On the other hand, here’s Momo Kawamoto as she’s the cutest girl ever!

Look at her expression? She’s like an angel descended from the Heavens!

Oh, and she’s attracted to Harunobu Nikaidou as Momo reminds him of a Totoro-like character.

Then again, Harunobu Nikaidou is chubby and no other woman will fall over him!

Well, except for Akari Kawamoto in which she saw Harunobu as a cute guy who needs to be protected at all times. Um Akari, leave that to his butler Hanaoka!

In any case, that’s about it for this week’s episode, and I hope that next week will have something interesting.

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  1. Karandi says:

    Yeah the Akari/Nikaidou thing was a bit weird toward the end of this episode.

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