Shuumatsu no Izetta Episode #05

On this day forward, Ortfiné Fredericka has been crowned as the new Archduchess of Eylstadt during this dire period.

While she mourned over her father’s passing, Archduchess Finé has brought a new hope that’ll liberate the country from Germania Empire!

And that’s no other than Izetta as shows what she’s capable of, all while riding her custom-made anti-material rifle/broomstick.

After all, it’ll be good for publicity purposes and it’ll rally Eylstadt’s allies on crushing Germania and the Axis Powers!

Meanwhile, Fuhrer Otto is even more fascinated on getting his hands on Izetta. As much as he can use the White Witch, there are limitation and he can’t just send Izetta to wipe out the opposing army!

Oh yeah, and Germania was supposed to capture Eylstadt quickly so that the supply lines between the Empire and the Romulus Federation. But given that Eylstadt has Izetta, the conquest will take much longer and by the time Germania conquered Eylstadt, Romulus is already collapsed.

Meanwhile, Berckmann and his assistant Ricelt are planning for counter-measures, which Berckmann believed that the White Witch is not invincible. Heck, he sent a spy within Eylstadt’s military ranks in order to find Izetta’s weaknesses.

But you know what, Izetta is dependent on the ley-lines which is her only Achilles’ heel so far. Although Berckmann wants to use Izetta for Germania’s quest for world domination, the age of witches will be short-lived once both sides found effective ways to stop the White Witch from her tracks.

So if Berckmann wants to exploit Izetta’s weaknesses, that’s okay. But if he wants to use the White Witch’s powers, it’ll hurt Berckmann in the long run once the Allied Forces got a hold of Germania’s secrets.

Anyways, looks like Germania has made their move as its troops are marching across Veile Pass, which it doesn’t have ley-lines for Izetta to use her magic powers.

Well, seems that Germanic Reich got lucky this time!

As for Eylstadt, they’re pretty much stuck without their ace in the hole. C’mon, the soldiers are under-equipped against Germania’s latest weaponry!

Oh yeah, here’s Jonas and he’s praying that Izetta will come to save everybody.

Really Jonas, Izetta has her limits and you can’t expect the White Witch to perform miracles!

But then again, Izetta has arrived to help Eylstadt despite her weaknesses. And what will she do to stop Germania’s advances?

Well, by creating a landslide that’ll stop the enemy from marching towards Landsbruck.

Of course, it wasn’t Izetta’s magic who pushed Germania back due to lack of ley-lines in Veile Pass.

Rather, it was Bianca and the royal guards who carry out Izetta’s magic trick. Still, it’ll be problematic if the White Witch’s secrets is exposed!

For now, Eylstadt is safe but I have a feeling that Berckmann is getting closer on finding Izetta’s weaknesses. Until next episode then…

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  1. Karandi says:

    You have to wonder how long until it is clear that Izetta can’t do her magic tricks everywhere. They’ve already figured out that she can’t be all that powerful if she doesn’t just invade and wipe out the leadership of the enemy and it is clear that her attack in the pass (given it was actually a manufactured landslide) was not the same as some of her earlier attacks. I get the feeling things will go very wrong once they realise her flaw.

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