WWW.Working!! Episode #05

Well, seems that Kisaki Kondou is extorting Kenichirou Sakaki for a large sum of money!

Um, would it be better if Shiho Kamakura give Kisaki-san tons of cash so she could just shut up and work? Then again, Kamakura is fixated on torturing Yuuta Shindou over his refusal of marrying her.

Fortunately, Kisaki’s threat has been interrupted when one of Shiho’s bodyguards named Tasaka who told Kondou to leave Sakaki-san alone!

And the reason why he wants to protect Kenichirou is because Tasaka admired him since high school…

…where he’s actually a bad-ass delinquent who beats up thugs. Notice the blood on his face? That’s the proof of being a merciless tough guy!

And as for the cat on top of Kenichirou’s head? That’s just for kicks as Sakaki is fond with cats! Then again, the fact that he became a manager is beyond my comprehension.

Meanwhile, here’s another character introduced on this week’s episode, as Sayuri Muranushi’s mother has arrived to see her daughter.

By the way, Mrs. Muranushi is actually an exorcist, something that Sayuri won’t give a damn about the supernatural!

Anyways, Sayuri’s mother sets her sights on Miri Yanagiba and upon looking at her thoroughly, Mrs. Muranushi believes that Yanagiba is being possessed by an evil spirit.

Really Mrs. Muranushi, I think you should check to see if Miri Yanagiba is really a ghost or something else!

On the other hand, seems that Sayuri’s mother saw that Masahiro Adachi is also possessed by an evil spirit.

Um Mrs. Muranushi, Adachi isn’t possessed by an evil spirit, but rather he’s scared of Sayuri’s smile that hurts him very much!

Lastly, looks like Hana Miyakoshi will learn how to make good chocolate…

…from Rui Nagata. Yes, she’s helping her rival on how to cook better even though Miyakoshi is not in love with Daisuke Higashida!

Well then, I guess that’s about it for this week’s episode of WWW.Working!!

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