Lostorage Incited WIXOSS Episode #04

Here’s Suzuko Homura as she’s anxious on what Masaru Narumi said from Episode 3. Whether it’s true or not remains to be seen…

Also, Hanna Mikage is tailing Suzuko as she’s curious to what Kagari Yukino said about the Bookmaker. Then again, she’s worried about Suzuko not doing BATTORU!

Anyways, it’s time for both of them to find this Bookmaker person by checking the online board, which sees Selectors requesting battles.

Of course, both Suzuko and Hanna wanted to meet the Bookmaker face-to-face, so therefore they asked that person to meet up in the city square.

So they finally meet the Bookmaker who is named Kou Satomi. Now, this shady person doesn’t have a LRIG but Satomi-san loves seeing Selectors win or lose, which I to say that Kou is a sadistic bastard for watching people suffer!

Also, the Bookmaker have made arrangements on his latest Selector battle, which Satomi-san doesn’t want either Homura and/or Mikage ruining it.

Now then, Kou Satomi have booked a Selector battle between Chinatsu Morikawa, who is desperate on changing her life after a string of misfortunes.

Blame Touma Kamijou on her bad luck since Yuka Iguchi voiced both Chinatsu and Index!

Anyways, Chinatsu’s opponent is Takeshi Sumida who is Suzuko Homura’s first opponent believe it or not. In fact, Homura got a bit lucky over Sumida in the first episode!

Now, Takeshi Sumida is desperate to stay alive by finding weaker opponents to fight.

In any case, Takeshi’s LRIG Guzuko is taking the offensive against Mel. At this point, Chinatsu might lose this BATTORU!

Oh by the way, both Suzuko and Hanna got dragged into this Selector battle as they watch it from afar.

And speaking of the battle itself, looks like Chinatsu is confident that she’ll win it against Takeshi. Why? Because she’s letting her opponent attack by using the Berserk ability until all of the cards are gone!

Anyways, Chinatsu Morikawa’s plan worked as she delivers her final attack to finish Takeshi Sumida off.

Yup, this foul-mouthed asshole is done for as he blasts away from the battlefield. Well, I have to say that Chinatsu is showing no remorse against her enemy!

And now, this is the aftermath of the Selector battle as Sumida loses, while Morikawa won the match and got another gold coin.

Oh and here’s the interesting part…

Seems that Takeshi Sumida is crying like a baby as he runs away, something that he won’t do it normally after a loss.

So what’s interesting about this part? Turns out that after he/she lost all 5 coins, the LRIG takes over the Selector’s body once the original personality has been erased. Basically, it’s a twisted version of the Eternal Girl system in the Selector Infested/Spread/Destructed series.

Now then, it’ll be interesting to see if “Takeshi” becomes a Selector in the future and lose all 5 coins again, which I speculate that Guzuko will be gone along with Sumida’s remaining memories.

Meanwhile, Suzuko Homura is happy to see her friend Chinatsu Morikawa after being separated for a long time.

However, Chinatsu is not in the right mood to have a reunion with Suzuko…

In fact, Morikawa despise Homura for living the happy life (except that Suzuko’s father is always away for work), all while living miserably after a string of misfortunes.

See the dramatic wind? It shows that Chinatsu is serious of breaking her friendship with Suzuko in order to change her life!

Also, seems that she throw away her Mel plushie as a sign of animosity towards Suzuko. Well everyone, the rivalry between Morikawa and Homura has begun!

Anyways, let’s see what Suzuko will do on the next episode, now that Chinatsu is serious of winning all 5 gold coins at the expense of their friendship.

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  1. Karandi says:

    Chi and Suzuko need to get a break (though given the nature of the series that seems unlikely). I guess the real question is how bad will things get for them and will either one make it through to the end of the series without becoming completely broken? Thanks for sharing.

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