ViVid Strike! Episode #05

Here’s Rinne Berlinetta as she’s depressed over the loss of her dear grand-father, which she beat up those bullies because it’s their fault for not letting Rinne go.

Of course, Rinne did a horrible thing in which she might get arrested if it wasn’t for her adoptive parents to clear up the bullying case.

But then, some thugs kidnapped Rinne and beat her up, because it turns out that they’re acting it out of vengeance for those three girls who lied about their families in order to get even at Rinne.

Seriously, those bullies are the lowest of the low. I think they should have “accidentally” died after giving shit towards Rinne Berlinetta!

Fortunately, a certain Jill Stola have followed the trail by running, and beat the thugs up without effort!

Anyways, Jill Stola rescued Rinne Berlinetta and took her under her wing at the Frontier Gym after seeing her fighting strength.

Yeah, this is the moment where Rinne has turned into an unstoppable fighter under Jill Stola’s training, which is very lucky for the coach to see such talent!

Now let’s go back to the present as Fabia Crozelg delivered a package for Fuuka Reventon.

While it’s sucks that her match against Lutecia wasn’t animated (I blame A-1 Pictures), at least Fabia brought something for the newbie fighter. What could it be perhaps?

Well, it’s an Intelligent Device who is modeled after Einhart Stratos’ Asteon. This is called Huracan, but Fuuka will name it as Huuka!

While Fuuka Reventon is happy that she has a new intelligent device, it needs to test it out first…

…starting with a sparring match against Mikaya Chevelle. Let’s see if Fuuka can hold off against the veteran fighter!

And now, I’ll conclude this post with Fuuka Reventon transforming to her Barrier Jacket form. I have to say that Seven Arcs still got it when it comes to transformation sequences!

In any case, it’s Fuuka versus Mikaya on the next episode!

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  1. mirrorpurple says:

    The 2 eps brought back the good old dark story telling days from Nanoha.

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