Sound! Euphonium 2 Episode #05

Today is the last day for Noboru Taki’s colleagues, as both Masahiro Hashimoto and Satomi Niiyama are saying “good luck” to Kitauji High School’s concert band club after guiding the kids during their training.

Tomorrow will be the Kansai Competition as the top 3 schools from that region will qualify for the nationals!

And here it is as Kitauji are ready for their performance at the Kansai Competition!

Also, looks like Mizore Yoroizuka is starting to like competitions now that she’s playing it for Nozomi Kasaki. Still, Nozomi won’t return to the concert club for the time being until the regional competition is over.

For now, it’s time for Kitauji to show their stuff as one of the Kyoto representatives. They did a great job during the qualifiers so let’s hope that they can continue it in the regionals!

I mean look at them, they’re not missing a beat when they play their instruments.

Also, kudos to Kyoto Animation for this wonderful animation on Kitauji’s performance!

But anyways, Kitauji High School have finished their performance for the Kansai Regional Competition.

Now comes the stressful part as they wait for the results. Will Kitauji make it to the nationals?

Well, absolutely as they got the spot in the national competition. I have to say that both Asuka Tanaka and Haruka Ogasawara are happy that their dreams has finally fulfilled!

Anyways, this episode was so intense that I thought that Kitauji’s dreams will be crushed. But hey, they got a spot in the national competition and it’s time to celebrate for their achievement!

So until next time, we’ll see if Kitauji has the guts to win it all!

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