Brave Witches Episode #04

This is Hikari Karibuchi’s daily routine as she’s doing long triple jumps… using magic of course!

Despite all of that, the 502nd Joint Fighter Wing won’t allow her to fight in the front-lines…

…as Edytha “Paula” Rossmann told Hikari that her magic power is insufficient. Well, this girl knows what Takami’s sister is capable of as well as her limits.

Oh, and Flight Sgt. Rossmann is walking on water. Eat your heart out, Hikari-chan!

In any case, Flight Sgt. Edytha Rossmann has decided to train Hikari Karibuchi on using magic efficiently. And what method does Sgt. Rossmann will use to punish train Karibuchi?

Well, by telling Hikari to climb the obelisk and get Sgt. Rossmann’s hat using her hands and feet.

No Striker Units allowed on this task, but she can use magic to climb herself to the top!

Then again, it’s hard to get up due to Hikari’s magic powers and took a week to attempt it, only to fall down due to her lack of control.

By the way, this is the last day and not only that, it’s getting rainy in Petersburg so Hikari must complete it regardless of the conditions!

Meanwhile, Edytha Rossmann is watching Hikari Karibuchi struggle to climb on top of the obelisk. But honestly, I think she and Naoe Kanno wants Hikari out of the 502nd Joint Fighter Wing.

Really girls, Hikari wants to fight just like her sister Takami so let’s give her a chance!

Anyways, Hikari Karibuchi proves that she’s not a quitter as Hikari climbs up while using what’s left of her magic!

Eventually, Hikari reached the top of the obelisk as the rain stopped! She finally did it, but there’s no time to celebrate…

…as a Neuroi has spotted near Petersburg and the Brave Witches are currently engaging it!

Damn, the Neuroi sure wants to ruin someone’s party!

But you know what, let’s have Hikari Karibuchi fly towards the enemy and shoot it down since she passed Sgt. Rossmann’s test!

However, her first real battle as part of Brave Witches is very shaky. I mean look at Hikari, she crashed towards the Neuroi!

Well then, looks like her sortie will be short-lived…

On the other hand, seems that Hikari has an ability that can see cores just like Takami.

Of course, she can only see a single Neuroi core and in order to make her ability effective, Hikari needs to get in contact with the enemy for it to see the core’s location.

Anyways, the Neuroi has been defeated thanks to Hikari Karibuchi’s core-detecting ability.

Of course, Edytha “Paula” Rossmann won’t let her use it or Hikari will end up getting a coma like Takami.

For now, Hikari Karibuchi will now stay as part of the 502nd Joint Fighter Wing.

Well then, time for a celebration back home at Petersburg as I see you on the next episode!

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