Fune wo Amu Episode #04

Well, seems that Genbu Shobo’s dictionary editorial department got a hold of the news about the cancellation of The Great Passage.

Yeah, it’s bound to happen but Masashi Nishioka has a plan to continue their latest project…

In fact, Nishioka suggests to Kouhei Araki that they should create an established entity so that The Great Passage won’t get threatened by cancellation, as well as contacting writers to collaborate for the dictionary editorial department’s magnus opus.

Looks like Masashi-san planned this one out, but then again the higher-ups at Genbu Shobo aren’t pleased to it. After all, they want to earn big bucks in a short period of time and also, I don’t think Nishioka’s idea will work though in the long run.

Meanwhile, it’s weekend on this episode and the landlady told Mitsuya Majime to take a break in order to refresh his mind, as well as find new inspiration during his day-off!

I mean, she’s worried about Majime as the landlady got fond of him and his book collection.

Anyways, I’ll end this week’s episode where Mitsuya Majime spends his weekends with Kaguya Hayashi. C’mon, he might find his love blossomed while getting inspired by Kaguya’s beauty!

Until next time, let’s see if Genbu Shobo’s dictionary masterpiece will push through.

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