Stella no Mahou Episode #05

Well, seems that Shiina Murakami got some bad news that Tamaki Honda fainted while drawing characters.

Oh boy, it’s another setback for the SNS Club as they’re trying to finish the game!

Anyways, Tamaki is currently bed-ridden as she got a fever. And the reason why Tamaki got sick is because she read too many seinen manga for reference.

Yeah, it’s pretty weird for that excuse!

Still, both Ayame Seki and Shiina Murakami went to the Honda residence in order to take care of Tamaki, all while finishing up their game in time for the Summer Comiket.

But then again, Summer Comiket has already ended as Ayame screwed it up regarding the deadline. Looks like Shiina will have a word from her childhood friend!

Fortunately, Ayame got a back-up plan as there would be an upcoming doujinshi event, which will happen in a few days. Really Seki-san, that’s not a great news at all!

Regardless, the SNS Club will finish their game anyway in time for the upcoming event. It’s better to finish it than waiting for the Winter Comiket.

And after tons of hours plus some drama regarding Kayo Fujikawa’s willingness to cooperate, the SNS Club have finally finished their latest game.

It’s titled as Magic of Stella or Stella no Mahou, just like the title of the anime series. The reason why Shiina named that title for the second game is because not only it referred to the character Stella, which means star in Latin, but it’s because of the role-sharing philosophy that Shiina applied for both in-game and the whole SNS Club.

Basically, having Murakami supervise the club members and work together would make a good doujin game!

In any case, I’m glad that they finished it. Now the only thing the SNS Club can do is to sell it during the doujin event… unless it was canceled or it’s just that Ayame Seki forgot about the date.

Well then, I’ll see you next week to find that out!

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